Casually Being Impromptu 

Don't you just love when things happen in your life and you immediately say to yourself, "this is a future post!"? I totally had this moment while having dinner this week!  I thought the title of this post was kind of fun, catchy and pretty random at the same time. All which describes me on … Continue reading Casually Being Impromptu 

Christmas Cheer

Can you believe that it is Christmas Day?  I am still blown away at how fast this year has gone by!  Most times we only want to talk about what we are thankful for and how grateful we are during the Thanksgiving holiday but I really believe that it should be an every day type of thankfulness.  We just "present it" … Continue reading Christmas Cheer

when in Atlanta…

When in Atlanta for our annual birthday visit, there are three things that are guaranteed while there: 1. Great shopping 2. Immaculate food 3. A yummy cocktail - or a delicious beer This years trip did not disappoint! Arriving into town on Friday, the weather was outrageously cold but bearable. Definitely needed to wear a … Continue reading when in Atlanta…

Gift Giving Guide – Under $50

and that's a wrap folks! I know that sometimes we all, including myself, get a tad bit stomped on what in the world to gift our friends and family for the holidays without asking or giving hints of there being a purchase of something.  Me, personally, I try to get most if not all gifts on … Continue reading Gift Giving Guide – Under $50


Throughout my entire life of birthdays and celebrations, this very moment in time absolutely has to be the best one yet. It feels completely different from the rest. I am allowing myself, as well as my readers, the opportunity to be open, honest, and viewed in raw form. As the book of life has been amazingly and … Continue reading chapter TWENTY-SEVEN

Non-traditional, Traditional Thanksgiving Vacation 

Wow! This is really the only word to describe my non-traditional, traditional Thanksgiving vacation with my family! Every year for the past 4 years we have taken 7 day cruises through Norwegian (NCL) and Carnival. Absolutely amazing times! And this year was no different for us. This year we were able to take Carnival Sunshine! … Continue reading Non-traditional, Traditional Thanksgiving Vacation 

Fall Wedding Success…What She Wore

Fall weddings are such tricky events to prepare for. Especially in South Carolina. Right now, we should be experiencing rather cool weather but instead it's HOT as *emojis eyes* here! This past November, my husband and I were able to attend such a beautiful, well put together, fall, church wedding. For those of you that … Continue reading Fall Wedding Success…What She Wore