Fashion & Personal Branding Q&A

Thank goodness for social media! Instagram’s search page isn’t just for fashion, gossip, and celebrities. Instagram was the only way I was able to learn about a seminar for fashion and personal branding hosted by Richland County Public Library. The panel consisted of successful bloggers all from the capital city. When I heard of this, I immediately had to rearrange my Saturday plans for this 3-4 pm slot. I had to be available for this! I am very thankful that I was able to attend and meet such talented individuals.

I wanted to pretty much give a brief synopsis of my takeaways as requested by a few of my awesome blogger and social media followers! I aim to give the people what they want! *wink*

So, from my one hour session with the oh so dapper Kelvin, fashion goddess Julianna, & makeup junkie Ebony, I was able to learn the following:

2. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

3. Be open to connecting to with people!

4. What my readers want + your thoughts and content = YOUR BRAND!

5. Hashtags are LIFE!! Only use 29 hashtags!! Minimum 15!

6. Be consistent with your social media sites such as IG and FB as well as on your actual blog because social media could be sold & vanish tomorrow! Have multiple outlets for your content!

These are all very helpful tips for beginning bloggers, but can go a long way with seasoned bloggers as well! I hope that those that requested this brief post are excited and are reassured that all of your hard work will absolutely pay off!

[ Our ideas either waste time or they allow us to use our time wisely, you choose! ]

I really loved the fact that this was a requested post. I am always listening and ready to give my viewers AKCESS to what they need and want! Keep them coming! Whether it’s on social media, my contact form here, or an email (….I’m excited to hear from you!


Being CIVIL!

If you recall, one of my New Year resolutions was to indulge in more books! Based on my schedule I set the “lofty” goal of one book a month!

So let’s jump right into my first read of January:

I was so thrilled to finally get my hands on this amazing gem by THE Karen Civil entitled Be You & Live Civil. (Sounds like something that’s pretty simple and easy to do right?) Through her social media accounts, you would think that she’s been that way her entire life. She always hosts the most lavish events with the most stylish outfits. But in reading this book, I have been able to see that she is indeed human. She shared her many adversities. She shared how she was able to overcome them. Step by step, she showed readers how she became the head strong women we see.

I don’t want to ruin anything for those that are interested in reading this book, so I will not spill too many of the beans here. I will, however, say that this is absolutely a great read for men and women, alike, that are aiming to find their passion. Everyone has been issued a gift, you just have to discover what it is. You have to:

  •  Ask for guidance
  • Discover your gift
  • Build on it
  • Conquer your dreams

I was able to to gain knowledge from Be You & Live Civil that can be applied to life! Of course I want to share with you guys what I learned. Here are a few takeaways…

  1. Believe in myself & brand the same way I believe in GOD
  2. ALWAYS progress and try my hardest to not regress
  3. NEVER put a limit on my success

I hope that this inspires you to want to be the best version of you! This book absolutely provoked my soul. It had me yearning for more. It ignited my passion for AKCESS & its followers. So, let’s make things shake and allow our brands to SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!!


NOT my Birthday Slay

First things first, I want to start this off by thanking my go-to & might I add, amazing MUA Marquita! Thank you for always being there when I need a BEAT FOR THE GODS!

I really just wanted to display her work and provide you guys with a few photos of my complete makeup session. This was done in preparation for a 50th birthday celebration that I was attending that evening! I’m including some fun photos from the celebration gathering also!

Now, let the party shenanigans commence!

[ Outfit deets: dress is from H&M, jacket is from Boohoo, shoes are from Michael Kors ]


Thank you Subscribers!

I am still in awe that in only a little over a month now, I have hit more than 50 subscribers to the blog. That’s 50 people who have signed up to receive alerts to when I post! The most exciting part of this is that they aren’t mostly family and close friends! It’s 50 subscribers who enjoy and support my vision and what I have to say! Thank you for every like, comment, and share. YOU have helped me reach this first milestone of 50! Whether you think “It’s just 50.” or you’re like me and think “Yes! 50 subscribers!”, the number has me excited and feeling extremely blessed!

I told my social media followers that I would do something special for my 50th email subscriber and I am a woman of my word.

Thank you, as well as, congratulations are in order to the lovely Aleshia Ford for being my 50th subscriber to AKCESS! I hope that your Starbucks card has made its way to you and you enjoy a drink or two on me!

Thank you all for your support thus far and I can’t wait to give you more and more GLITZ, GLAM, & BOLD!


Currently carrying…

If you know me then you know that I LOVE a good handbag. Whether it is a big tote, nice satchel, or the perfect clutch; you can’t go wrong with purchasing a new bag! Some people just can’t walk away from a good purse. Trust me, I know a few bag hoarders! I was once included in this group! It was so bad that I had the same model bag in different colors. Seriously!! The moment I realized that my bag collection had gotten a little too extensive was when I noticed that I had no closet space on the top shelf to put another bag! I took them to Platos and created a Poshmark page and sold all of the “extras”! It was mostly my seasonal bags.

Eventually, I got to the point of where I was able to narrow down which bags to keep. It was a daunting task, but I saw it like this: Every woman needs to have at least two quality bags, a black one and a brown one. Having the two allows you to always tie your outfit together, no matter the season. (They are interchangeable, that’s for sure.) I have a few color bags that are really only used in the spring and summer, because I tend to wear much darker and deeper colors in the fall and winter.

Currently, I am carrying my Tory Burch York tote.  This bag has tons of potential. (Which is one of the reasons I love it!) This bag can be used for various reasons and occasions.  For example, if you’re a college student and aren’t really in to the whole backpack look, then this sturdy bag is more than capable to hold your books, laptop, pens, etc. For moms that are over the old, baby print, clashing diaper bag look, this could be used for small day trips. For the average, working woman (ME!!) this bag holds everything needed on a day-to-day basis.  I really love the bag and the simplicity of it. It would rank as one of my favorites. However, there is one thing I do not like. I don’t like that the middle compartment of the bag (the zipper area) is not stitched to the entire lining of the purse. It can allow some items to go over to the opposite side of the purse making it a little challenging to find smaller items. But again, this is a very minor dislike.

At any given moment, these are a few items I have in my purse…

  1. Kate Spade Forest Green dual wallet
  2. Coach coin purse that can also be a card or ID holder
  3. Ray Ban black aviators, orange polar aviators, and black wayfare
  4. IPhone 7+ phone jack (the latest feature that allows you to use an AUX cord or older headphones)
  5. IPhone 7+ charger (Emergency use)
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Nivea smoothness lip care [normaly I have Mary Kay Nourishine lip gloss]
  8. OPI and top coat polish (this varies by the color that I currently have on just in case I chip a nail)
  9. AKCESS business cards (You never know who you will meet)
  10. 2017 planner
  11. LuMee case (for the perfect selfie)
  12. Sharpies (for adding in calendar functions at any given moment)

I don’t want any of you reading this to think I am saying that a woman has to have a certain brand of purse, but these are just the bags that I like!  Here is a small list of great purses that are fabulous and of quality without the high(er) price tag.

A. H&M black purse

B. H&M Reversible

I hope that this will help you when shopping for your next purse! Good luck and happy shopping!




Yum, yum, yum!

Food is life, right?! I mean, without it, we’d be a world of “hangry” people…or least I would be! Anytime I am able to find a new eatery with my foodie partner, also known as my hubs, I immediately think of you guys. (Not even kidding!) So, without further ado, let me formerly introduce you to this little charm in the city…meet The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli!

2617 Devin Street Cola, SC

Talk about a treasure of yummy deliciousness! Oh. My. Goodness! We were fortunate enough to catch them before they stopped serving breakfast to begin switching over to their lunch menu! I would compare their food to Panera but waaaay better. It’s almost like comparing Embassy Suites to Trump Towers! (Just my interpretation. Both are good, but one is better!) It’s presented in the most simplistic way and get this…with every single breakfast sandwich you get a FREE miniature cinnamon roll. I have never had so much goodness at once for breakfast. See my meal below!
The BIG Max & the mini cinnamon roll
Sourdough bread, black pepper bacon, whole grain mustard spread//Nail polish: Let’s Be Friends OPI Hello Kitty feature

My husband had the steak and eggs sandwich and he described it as, “Magical!” I pinky promise this was the word that came out of his mouth. Ha! If you are concerned with the price point, you don’t have to worry because it’s nothing on the menu that’s more than $8.50! I want to assume that it’s so affordable due to being located near the University and wanting to be able to cater to the college students’ budgets. 

Cinnamon Roll Deli was so, super busy when we arrived and it never died down in time for me to get photos of the “cinnamon roll bar”! So let’s use that as a way to make you want to go and see what’s it all about! But I did score this photo of the inside area! Notice the artwork on the wall! It’s from local artists and all of the items are for sale. What an awesome way to support local artists! 

Art work features on the far wall – all donations go to Rescue Pets
Small entrance signage

Definitely, absolutely, positively go here when you have a moment and want to enjoy some amazing food with an even better price point!
Coffee bar
wall decor

Ordering area
Front page of their menu
Sample of their featured item of the day: pimento cheese grits

Comment below when you have a chance to visit and let me know what your thoughts are! Already been here? Great! Share your thoughts for myself and others to see! ENJOY! 

New Year, New Who?

Happy, happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I still can’t believe that it is really 2017! The year 2016 literally flew by and yet still found the time to be pretty amazing! I mean seriously, 2016 brought about so many good times, things and memories that I am going to find it pretty hard to top. Well, I take that back….It won’t be hard to top but it just makes my expectations for 2017 that much greater!
2016 was jam-packed with blessings, lessons, memories, laughter and so on! I quickly want to reflect on one of my biggest accomplishments of 2016! I know that you probably already know what I’m going to say!  My greatest and most rewarding accomplishment in 2016 absolutely is AKCESS! To start from being only a small thought in my mind to becoming one of the projects that I am 1000% passionate for is so major for me. I remember, leading up to my launching date, not even a month ago, being so anxious! My emotions were running in every direction. It was out of control! Thankfully, I had the support system needed to say, “Kristen, JUST GO FOR IT!” Just talking about it gives me chills now! Hands down, this is one of the greatest things I’ve done!

I am welcoming 2017 with open arms!

For the past two or so years, my husband and I have brought in the new year socializing with close friends and family. Nothing changed this year! We decided to be very low key and stay in with the family. It was important to be with them as the entire family was able to receive such wonderful news recently (it’s a secret, shhhh)!

• • • • •

With this being day 1 of 2017, I want to create a new tradition for myself – – and no, you are never too old to begin tradition – – I want to actually write my new year resolutions down, and here’s the tricky part: STICK TO WHAT I WRITE DOWN! I’m sure we have all done this. We say and talk and go on and on about changing this, doing more of that, being apart of this, but we never ever stick to it. Hash: it is time for a change! Here are my resolutions!

My 2017 Resolutions
1. READ more
2. Be a better DOER
3. Consistently stick to my gym regimen
4. Be a better GIVER

I am totally committed to this list of change and can only imagine what my thoughts will be at the end of this year! I am absolutely prepared to TAKE ON 2017!


Lavish Moments Photography


 What are you taking the time to work on or improve in the new year?  Big or small, I want to encourage you to stick to it and make it happen because small changes lead to greater impact! So, in the words of Oprah Winfrey, “Cheers to a new year for us to get it right!