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Yay! Book number two for 2017 is officially completed . I was excited to get a copy of the beautiful Claire Sulmers book entitled The Bomb Life: My Brand. My Terms. 

I was entrigued to learn her journey and see how she became the queen she is today! I’m sure most social media regulars are either huge fans of Fashion Bomb Daily or have at least heard of the site. This is Claire Summers’ site. Now knowing what it took to create this empire is pretty mind blowing!

The most influential chapter for me of The Bomb Life was chapter six! This chapter was entitled the Business of Blogging and it was an eye opener.

Of course, I won’t ruin anything for those that are interested in grabbing this book, but I totally want to share my takeaways from it.

  1. At any given point in time, be prepared to shine!
  2. Rejection is a part of life! Sometimes I will hear no more than yes but realize that it only takes one yes to make something happen!
  3. Create good content that your niche wants to hear about.
  4. Never, ever sell myself or my platform short
  5. Network, network, and network some more.
  6. Keep introducing yourself until they have reasons to remember ME/AKCESS!

I really enjoyed every page of this book. Claire was very open about her struggles and her daily victories that made her who she has become! Fashion Bomb is an amazing brand and it gives such encouragement to me to continue building and working at my dreams!


A Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words

Literally…sometimes photos can speak for themselves! In this case, I decided to share a very unscheduled batch of photos that were taken on my personal iPhone 7+ by my very patient husband!  I also wanted to feature my brand new toy; my Instax Mini 8!! ♥  It was a Christmas gift from my best friend that you’ll be meeting soon! 

Outfit details include Top: SheIn//Bottoms: Rockstar denim – Old Navy//Shoes: Jessica Simpson//Shades: Rayban Aviators

“One look is worth a thousand words” – Fredrick Barnard





Ok ladies, let’s talk about fashion accessories! My number one favorite accessory obsession of the fall and winter season in the Carolinas is faux fur! I absolutely love how it gives your outfit so much pizazz. There are so many items out on the market that possess faux fur, but if you’re anything like me, I have to be very mindful not to overdo it. There are some pieces that just aren’t made for my body type. Some woman don’t like to admit that fact, but I will be the first to stop and say “Oh no! Stop it right there!”

To shine a bright light on the items that I can wear, my first favorite fashion add on is the faux fur Pom Pom purse/keychain!



This can be worn on really any bag that you want! The possibilities are limitless when it comes to these things. This Pom Pom came from Charlotte Russe for less than $10.00! Super deal, right? There are some faux fur poms that are more expensive, but those are the “name brand” options such as Michael Kors or Fendi.

My second favorite faux fur look is the scarf!
img_9027 img_9153
I was able to grab this gorgeous piece from Target for less than $20.00! Steal! I love infinity scarves, so this one was a must-have! This can be worn with pretty much anything except for other faux fur pieces. (Just in case that was in question.) This is a great piece to use when you’re wearing off the shoulder, cold shoulder, or full sleeved tops and/or dresses. This top that I’m wearing is a mix between off the shoulder and cold shoulder and of course I purchased this from Express.  These dark denim jeans are from Express also!

[ Purse featured is a Speedy 30 Damier Ebene Canvas ]

My third and final look for my faux fur obsession is of course, the vest!

img_9087 img_9049I was able to snag this from H&M! I have a black and white mixed one (featured on my Christmas Cheer post), but this brown goddess stays tucked away in my closet, I’m not really sure why though! This is definitely a comfortable piece and the added bonus is that it has pockets! Pockets are the perfect detail on this vest and is quite handy too. It can hold your gloss, phone, or whatever you need that’s compact.

[ Purse feature is a jewel! Contact me for details until future feature post ]

So to wrap this up, don’t be afraid to embrace faux fur! It can be an outfit saving accessory or your highlight element to your outfit! Either way, it’s bound to be a hit!



[Thank you to Row Gallery of Columbia, SC for allowing me to use their brick and mortar located at 2911 Millwood Avenue for my photo session with Lavish Moments Photography (Kristen G.) Also, thank you to Tripp D. Barnes for creating this gorgeous mural for the world to see, appreciate,  and love! ]