IG Fav.

Yes, I know, this is a spur of the moment post but I had to give you AKCESS to more details of this outfit! This will be simple, short, and sweet…no worries.

Ok, so this entire ensemble was purchased from Express! (In case you missed it, Express one of my favorite stores!) I caught the ruffled top, the destroyed denim and the sandal heels all on sale! My rule is to never pay full price for items you can catch on sale! Patience is essential! Everything is true to size if you’re curious. As far as accessories go, my “Mrs” necklace is from Entourage. My watch is Michael Kors. The nail and screw gold bracelet is from a boutique called Monkee’s!

[ Sheesh! I stay on my phone! I was probably in the middle of snap chatting or something! Speaking of, be sure to add me there too! My username is “DIVAKYC.” ]

I hope you guys enjoy this post and I encourage you to always, always feel free to give me feedback! It helps me to cater to what you want to see on AKCESS! Also, thank you to Courtney of Serenity Photography (again, based out of Greenwood, SC) for taking these photos for me! Kiss kiss.


Sweet Lemonade

Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen!! Remember that moment when Beyoncé’s granny (in-law) says, “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade!”? Well, that is EXACTLY what I attempted to create in this shoot with the lovely Courtney S. of Serenity photography based out of Greenwood, S.C.! This outfit symbolizes fun times even when you aren’t having the best of days. The weather was set at “Spring is HERE” degrees fahrenheit with a chance of too much sunshine, which ended up being perfect for an attitude boost! Now let’s get into these outfit details guys….

This top is a simple Hennes & Mauritz top that was purchased for under $10. My perfect lemon skirt was surprisingly found on Amazon a year ago and I specifically remember this being $22! (Side note: THANK GOODNESS FOR AMAZON PRIME!) The sandal heels were purchased from Express. It’s pretty safe to say this adorable spring fling came together for under $50 total. Now that is my kind of shopping!





Purposely Driven!

Oh yes! Book number three for 2017 is officially being completed! This particular book, The Purpose Driven Life, written by the great Rick Warren required a different reading approach! At the beginning of the book he asks the reader to read only one chapter a day. This allows you to read, learn, and internalize the information to meaningfully apply it to your daily life.

So, here’s a part one review of The Purpose Driven Life and what I’ve learned from my daily readings!

I was drawn to day six or chapter six (whichever is preferred). It’s entitled “Life is a Temporary Assignment!” This was a very eye opening and motivating portion of the book! Strangely enough, in my previous book review chapter six was my favorite too! Maybe that’s my new lucky number, who knows?

Per the usual, I never want to ruin anything for those that are interested in purchasing the book, but I totally make it my business to share my takeaways from it.

1. Life is extremely brief and it is only a temporary residence.

2. The more God gives to me, the more responsible he expects me to be. It’s like that saying, “To whom much is given, much is required.”

3. It is not about me – – focusing on just myself will never reveal my life’s true purpose.

4. Obedience unlocks understanding.

5. Genuine friendships are built on disclosure, but bitterness is the greatest barrier to friendship.

I am absolutely thrilled that I have been able to commit to something that is making me a better person to others, meanwhile nurturing my spiritual journey! It takes 40 days to make something a habit and I’m more than positive this is why Rick Warren asked his readers to read once a day over a forty day span. Be open to change, be open to learning, and lastly be open to improving yourself!


Tee Time or Tea Party

I am so thrilled to be sharing this post with the world! My best friend is having a baby and it’s a….GIRL! I don’t think it’s possible to share how excited I am for my friend of many years and her husband!

There are going to be so many precious moments and joyous experiences happening for them! Although I haven’t personally experienced motherhood, I know without a doubt that she will be one of the greatest moms ever! I remember the exact moment when she sent me the photo of her ultrasound! I burst into tears right at my desk at work! I was upset and happy all at the same time! How? I was so annoyed that she hadn’t told me sooner, but I was extremely happy that she was pregnant and having my next niece or nephew (I didn’t know the gender at the time).

You know the next thing the best friend is supposed to do after finding out news like this, right? Right!  I instantly started surfing the web for cute baby outfits!  I immediately became obsessed! We talked all day long and fed off of each other’s excitement. Now, with finding out the gender of baby Talbert, this has taken it to an entirely different level of excitement!

I pray for nothing but great health, great times, great memories, and great amounts of love to surround this growing family of THREE!


Here are a few shots from her Tee Time or Tea Party themed gathering!

Tee time or Tea Party…Tea Party!


The parents-to-be
#BabyTalbert due May 2017

Planning a gender reveal can be stressful for some and for others it’s a breeze! I created a small list of four (4) helpful tips that can make planning a little bit easier!

4 Helpful Tips When Planning A Gender Reveal Party

  1.  Make sure you consult with the honoree – find out his and her likes; the vision of the parents is what’s most important.
  2. Appoint a trust worthy friend also known as the “secret keeper” to know the gender and plan the party! (I was not that person because I would have ruined the surprise!)
  3. Try not to do one color more than the other – – have a balanced amount of pink and blue. (And, yes, it’s okay to use a different color scheme for the gathering.)
  4. Be sure to have a reliable person to have the camera ready and rolling to capture the big moment of the reveal and all the other details that make the day so special.


the Aunties to be
“The greatest gift of life is friendship & I have received it” – Hubert Humphries