Indispensable Quality

I have a small confession! I haven’t finished reading the second part of my book The Purpose Driven Life this month. Although I would have loved to have already completed it; the truth is that I just haven’t done it yet. The good news is that April is not over just yet! I have been kicking back and relaxing with lots of other fun items this month though! Bring on the fashion, culture, and Essence!

I have a one year subscription to the magazine from a purchase I made in February, but the silly part of it all is that I don’t recall what I bought. Either way, I am thrilled that I have been able to get these directly to my home because it makes it that much easier for me to read. So first, I have to make it my business to point out these AMAZING covers! Ava, Oprah, Renee, and the other “woke” women of today are looking absolutely stunning. This edition highlighted a lot of very powerful and inspirational women, but the one that most stood out to me was Ava Duvernay’s piece. I felt more connected to her interview than any of the others. Per the usual, I had a couple of takeaways from reading her spread and here they are:

1. Work, work, and work some more until the people I admire are admiring me and my works!

2. Learn to be fully prepared, organized, and clear about what I want and how I will achieve it.

I felt that these were obvious, advice worthy takeaways, but I believe that the more you see it, read it, hear it, the better!

 Now, quickly, I have to address some of the fashion that was featured!

These earrings are giving me so much life! I LOVE a good tassel or fabric infused earring. These are so sassy! The color is perfect, don’t you agree?

Bomber jackets!!! THEY WILL NEVER DIE! I don’t care if it’s winter, summer, spring, or fall; the bomber is light and trendy enough for all seasons! And who doesn’t believe in “good vibes only?” I am sure that is all we want around us, so why not wear it?

Hope this was a fun read for you! Until next time!




Natural, Nature, & Love

What a title, huh!? I didn’t really know what I wanted to name this entry. I wanted it to be catchy, but I also wanted to hit multiple points. I just went with it and named it everything! So let’s get into it…

HAIR: I was so very hesitant with going natural. October of 2015 seems like only yesterday. The anxiety I felt was really quite overwhelming. So much so that I was literally like “Forget this!” and grabbed the scissors! I chopped my hair away! Fast forward to a variety of protective hairstyles, a major haircut to even it all out, some length later, and now here we are!

This was a detailed twist out that I did in a matter of two hours! (It’s such an exhausting task!) I used coconut oil, Eco styler, O’Pro leave in conditioner, and wha-la!

PHOTOS: This session took place at the State House in Columbia, SC! The flowers and the damask door frame gave me so much life! It was the perfect touch to the look. We were able to work with my girl, Kristen of LMP and she delivered as she always does! Aside from the ten thousand bees that could have possibly attacked us, these look absolutely amazing!

LOVE: I felt that I very rarely shined light on my better half. It is beyond time that I give my King his due. This was the perfect opportunity to do so! Aside from us needing some recent photos together, I wanted to let him experience the fun I have when getting photos done for AKCESS! He was a little anxious. His anxiousness later turned to annoyance; but we made it through! Kristen did an awesome job of capturing our personalities. If you know Jay, then you know he is always cracking jokes and keeping me laughing!

Ultimately, I just want to say thank you to him for believing in my passion. I appreciate him for never missing a beat, always taking care of me, and loving me with all of his strength and might! Doing life with him is a wild ride! We have highs and we have lows, but I am beyond grateful that I get to experience it all with him!

Quickly, here are our spring fling fit deets:

Dress is from Express

Sandals are Tory Burch Miller

His top and pants are Dillard’s features

Shoes are Toms

Remember, embrace your inner and outer naturalista, be one with nature, and love hard no matter what!


Doodle & Stumps

Hey friends!! I wanted to take the time to create this post to show my gratitude. It’s always important to thank others when they help you, but sometimes it’s more important that you build others up and encourage others as they share their talents and gifts! I want to shout out the lovely and very talented Kimbie Noble! Kimbie created this perfect little doodle of me for AKCESS! This was a gift that amazed me and I am still blown away to this day. I’m not only in awe of her tremendous talent, but her kindness and willingness to produce such fab work. So, THANK YOU Kimbie from the bottom of my heart!

Here’s the original photo (produced from LMP)

Beside every good woman, there is an awesome partner. This is the case with Kimbie and her husband! If you would; direct your attention to my very super cute and convenient Stump! Yes, it’s called a Stump! Kevin Noble created this super useful product and shared one with me! I have found that a Stump is a product that every tablet/smartphone owner needs.

As advertised, the Stump is “ergonomically designed to be an adaptable stand for your iPad, tablet, e-reader, and smartphone.”  It is a very lightweight accessory. It’s made from a foam material which makes it easier for use while lounging.  It’s travel friendly so you can use at the office, in the car, or even while at the park.  Super Stump tablet stands can be purchased here and they come in several different colors such as black, red, and royal blue! The color of the product pictured is sea glass.

Again, I can not thank Kim and her husband enough for being so generous and so awesome to me! They truly believe in my vision and that means everything to me!  Be sure that you check out the website for Stump and FOLLOW Kimbie on her social media page!  Enjoy!




Bows & Ruffles

There’s nothing like a good bow and a few chic ruffles, so that’s just what I wanted to deliver!  Here’s another spring fling fit that’s comfortable, affordable, and perfect for any day or night date!

This entire outfit is from Express including this purse.  My shoes are the oh so comfortable Michael Kors slings.  Literally can wear them all day long!

I’m pretty positive I thought this was a “test shot!” But anyway, I wish these pants came in LONG but that didn’t stop me! So don’t let it stop you (for all of my taller ladies out there)!

[Many thanks to Serenity Photography for working with me on this post! ]