Trending Topic: Dresses with Pockets [Pt. I]

Pockets + Dresses = A Match Made in Heaven I’m not sure if this is considered a “new trend”, but it will forever be a trend in the fashion world. This is by far the cutest and most comfortable dress I have ever worn. This dress is from Entourage! Unfortunately, it is not on their … Continue reading Trending Topic: Dresses with Pockets [Pt. I]

Trending Topic: Floral + Stripes

Simple equation: Floral embroidery + Stripes = a Trending Topic! Florals are a huge hit this season. This timeless style has really made an appearance in magazines and on celebrities alike. Stripes are another classic look that never goes out of style! Here's one of my most recent obsessions: my Best In Show off the shoulder … Continue reading Trending Topic: Floral + Stripes