Hey guys & happy Monday!  I just wrapped up a 4-day trip to Atlanta, Ga. celebrating the bride-to-be, Traci! I got a few DMs (direct messages) on social media asking me questions about my tassel-mania clutch. This clutch was a rather inexpensive purchase from Boohoo! It came in black and cognac. For the bachelorette occasion I … Continue reading Clutch.

Carbon Copy, Carbon Copy

Who said lemonade was best served at a stand? Not me! Today I wanted to serve you with another version or a carbon copy of my lemonade attire from Amazon! Yes, Amazon! If you recall, I featured this skirt here on AKCESS. This is the reason I titled this post as Carbon Copy! Yes, it's a method to the … Continue reading Carbon Copy, Carbon Copy

Sandstorm Fabulously 

The time is near! Another Saturday to come filled with SEC football! Really, I'm only concerned with my Carolina Gamecocks tearing Missouri to shreds & Hurricane Irma staying out of our way! In today's society, it's no secret: Women love football just as much as men. However, I think the only thing that separates the guys … Continue reading Sandstorm Fabulously