Before you ask, ladies & gentlemen, WOTY means “word of the year.” I never had a “word” for the new year until attending Elevation church some years ago. Towards the last quarter of the year, you are asked to begin the process of choosing one word that you want to grow in, live in, align with in the upcoming year. My 2023 WOTY is…

MORE! 💕✨

Here’s my virtual, vision board that’s saved on my screensaver as a daily reminder of it all.

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Skin Win

Happy New Year, AKCESSers! I am 11 days late but better late than to never address, right? Today, I wanted to share something that I have been working on really hard for the past two months….my skin! I want to share my latest skin win line up so that you, too, can win (if you aren’t already).  Thank goodness for my girlie, Jasmine, located here, in Columbia, SC for getting me a line up that has seemingly been undefeated.

So let’s get into what I have been using lately. Everything will be linked.

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