A Colorful Shindig

I mean really you guys! Who could pass up this look for less than $10.00? Yes, you read that correctly. This dress was purchased at Old Navy in Columbia, SC for $7.74 + tax. You have the option to purchase this dress online but for some reason it is only marked down to $26.97! That’s not fair, right?

This look is great for a casual day of shopping, a busy day at work, or even on a impromptu date. The colors scream happy, lovable, and full of energy! The length is perfect and the material is actually pretty thin up top but not sheer or poor-quality. The bottom half of the dress has a thin slip lining for the added touch!

Colorful Shindig

The boots that I am wearing are from Charlotte Russe. I also have them in black. I wore those when I did my very first photoshoot for AKCESS. Oh how time quickly passes us by!

Colorful Shindig

Booties tend to be my favorite boot. In comparison to the OTK look or flat heeled boot, booties win every time simply because booties can dress up an outfit or dress down your look!

Colorful Shindig

If you noticed , my hair has a different pattern of curls. I used a normal sized curling wand to get more of the wave affect and I actually like it. Now, the process of actually doing the curls is a no go for me! I am sure I have burned my fingers at least five times using that thing. My makeup was successfully executed by Tia also known as the Glamour Principle. She is awesome! PERIOD!

Colorful Shindig

Did you enjoy this look? I have this exact dress in a different color and if you want to see the look let me know! Chat soon!


As always, thanks to LMP for the images!

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