As of Lately…

Woe is me! Talk about taking a super extended break from blogging, influencing, and posting curated content for you guys on social media! I did it. I’m guilty! It was completely unintentional, but here we are. I wanted to take a moment to chat with my readers, followers, and new AKCESS fam about how it’s completely okay to take a step back…even when blogging is actually your business or source of income! Keep reading…

As bloggers and influencers, we tend to fall into this vortex of social media. We will scroll and double tap until our hands ache so that we can be sure to “show love” . We want others to return the favor. It’s gets us noticed, right? It brings followers and likes which translates into brand offers that then equates to money in our purses! Am I right or am I right? We are afraid to fall off the radar because we lose relevance which means less likes, less followers, and less money.

I’m here to let you all know that it is OKAY, sister! Sometimes you have to be still, regroup, pray, and just take a chill pill. You do know that there’s more life and more moments that you need to be apart of WITHOUT the iPhone (or Android) or Canon (Nikon, too) in your hand. Sometimes there’s no need to blog or capture a moment but instead, just exist! Take it all in!

At first, I felt terrible for not posting on IG like I normally would. I didn’t and still haven’t booked a photoshoot for fall trends and guess what…IT WILL BE OKAY and so will you! I pinky promise. Don’t post irrelevant items when you don’t have anything to post or talk about. Just be silent! Surprisingly, you can influence and still earn income when you take a step back.

Here‘s an example! Here are my earnings from followers and shoppers that supported while “away” from IG:

I’m going to end by saying this:


Thanks to those that checked on me and still shopped my looks and styles! You’re the bomb!


Until next time dolls! 



2 thoughts on “As of Lately…

  1. Wow thank you for sharing! I took a step back for a while to get a clear head about my next steps. I love that you are getting paid for blogging. Do you mind sharing how you are able to do that? I blog but I want to make money from my blogs. Thank you again, this was much needed.

    1. How awesome! So glad that this inspired you to want to take your blog to the next level! Reach out to me via email and I can send you some tips! Thanks again for reading! ♥️

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