Will you be my Valentine?

Love is in the air! I can feel it. Today I wanted to share a look I put together, honestly, on a whim.  I ordered the earrings anticipating a different look but this just so happened to work out.  Keep reading so that you can get this look just in time for the big day (with expedited shipping) and for LESS THAN $50.00!

This jumpsuit runs large. I read reviews on the material and I assumed there would be no stretch in the fabric. Once it arrived, I quickly noticed that this was going to be a little too big for me. TIP OF THE DAY: size down.

I am being 100% transparent with you here and I am letting  you know that in the photo below, the photographer (Faith) used a hair tie to make the top of the jumpsuit tighter on me. Never underestimate the tricks and methods used to make a photo look flawless!

These earrings were less than $5.00 and were super fun to wear. I really don’t wear costume jewels,  but this was an exception.  I posted (IG stories) my shoot details and I got  several DMs asking about the pink Gucci purse. We can refer to it as “Pucci” (POO-CHEE) because it is totally a dupe that I snagged from Amazon. I should insert here that it is  not counterfeit,  but a dupe, because there is a definite difference! Unfortunately, the link is dead but if it ever becomes live again, I will absolutely share the link.

My heels are from Amazon, too. They are so comfortable. You can wear them all day with no issues. The point toe is what makes it so trendy!

I can’t wait to see all of the posts that you will share with you in your Valentine’s day styles. I have seen so many people embrace the normal red and pink styles, but I am really eager to see the non-conventional looks to come!

Enjoy, lovers!


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