My Top 3 Fav Online Retailers

Online shopping is my thing! Or as I like to say, “it’s my jam!” I buy 98% of any and everything online. People always ask me where did I find this or that so today, I’m making it easy and sharing my top theee, favorite online retailers that I just can’t do without!

Number one: You guessed it, Express! I can find almost any look I need to achieve for any event right here! No, it’s not because I’m partnered with them but I really appreciate the chic styles, the great quality, and the rewards system that they offer!

Number two: Ha! Yes, you’re right again! Amazon! This is my everything site, of course! That means I buy clothes, beauty products, home decor, cleaning products, everything, from their site! I’m sure all of us do, really!

Number three: Shein! Yep, I’ve given them quite a bit of money lately! It’s the perfect place to find dresses and pjs (also my jam)! I did a shoe haul featuring purchases from Shein here. It’s a one stop shop, too. It’s the Amazon of of style so to speak. Tip: read reviews when it comes to sizes.

I asked my social media followers their fav online retailers and here are some of the sites that were shared with me: Eloquii, Boohoo, Target, Zara, Fashion to Figure, H&M, and Anthropologie!

What are your favorite online or in store retailers that you can’t live without!? Do share so others reading can add it to their list, too!



Images by Faith Austin

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