PACKAGE #1 Develop Together

Have you ever shied away from a look or a color because you aren’t sure how it would look on you?

How convenient would it be to have someone play within on-trend looks and ideas to spice it up or flatter it down?


Well, this package is such a fun, easy, and convenient method to see what clothing works best for your body type and skin tone. This collaboration includes an introductory telephone style canvass, emailed communications, and a final consultation to be completed within 5 business days.


PACKAGE #2  E-Style

In recent times, technology is KEY. Whether we are working our job, reading the latest edition of Cosmo, refreshing social media, or online shopping, we are constantly on our cellular devices.  How convenient would it be to have someone shop for you, or with you, virtually? 

If this is something that works with your schedule, this is the package for you. In our introductory telephone style canvass, we will establish customer needs. (Please note that by hiring AKCESS as your personal shopper, this option includes an additional fee.)  Our virtual chat will consist of two, 30-60 minute sessions as scheduled prior. Ultimately, we will create looks and a style that will show your authentic, fashion forward self!


PACKAGE #3 Intense

Do you really dislike going out into the crowds to look for your next outfit? If this is the case, you definitely need me on your team! With this one on one styling option, I will satisfy what you want to accomplish, do the shopping, put your looks together, and even return the items that just aren’t what you may have been looking for through our session.  During our introductory telephone style canvass, we will be sure to cover your sizes, budget, and needs. Once these items are decided upon, the fun can begin and we can unleash your style animal! 


*Your shopping needs are categorized below for your convenience:

  1. SOCIAL LIFE – This is for the more casual weekend style.
  2. ALL BUSINESS – This is for an upcoming work conference or to spruce up your daily, office attire
  3. TURN UP THE HEAT – Talk about getting your sexy back! This category is for the person looking to hit the scene and spice it up a bit!
  4. OVERHAUL – This is for a repurposing of clothes in which you already own.


For inquiries on prices or creating a unique package, please email me at Kristen@AKCESS.ME!



All images for this promotion were shot and edited by Denise Benson Photography