Month One with Khloe

Has it really been one month with my sweet cheeks?? Seriously? How does time seem to fly by when it comes to watching someone you created, grow? It hasn’t been the easiest thing to do but raising & watching Khloe grow and change daily has been such a joy!

Today, I wanted to share a photo dump of one of the most memorable seasons of our lives, featuring our precious Khloe bear…

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What’s In My Hospital Bag

I’m back, guys and it is getting serious over here. We have four weeks left of this pregnancy and time is flying. I wanted to, as noted previously here, share some of my must have items that are packed and ready for the hospital. I was fortunate enough to partner with Kindred Bravely for all of the essential items a mom to be needs when prepping for her stay so let’s get right into what I consider to be my mama must haves…

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8 Months Pregnant & HNY

THIRTY THREE weeks and counting, friends! Yes, I seriously have seven weeks to finish preparing for Khlo’s arrival. We are so, extremely blessed to be in this predicament and aren’t complaining at all. But preparing for a new human being is a lot of work. Although I promised you guys an update sooner, here we are and here we go with a few updates on us…

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Three Two

Yes, today is my 32nd birthday! It’s also my “blogaversary!” AKCESS IS FIVE! Whew! What a journey! I’ve shared so much through this platform and I’m just so thankful for you guys that stick with me through it all! Since today is so special to me, I figured I’d share another “something special” with you guys! Carry on to see what it could be…

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PinkBlush Maternity Cyber Monday Sale

Who wants to know my latest, daily struggle? It’s finding shirts that are long enough to cover the top of my maternity jeans, finding comfy maternity jeans, and even finding dresses that are long enough and accommodating to my growing bump. Thankfully, I was able to partner which such a company that GETS MY STRUGGLE. PinkBlush Maternity has mastered the mommy to be, plus size niche and I am so excited to share three bomb items that I was able to snag. These items are the perfect styles that suit all of my maternity fashion woes on top of being available just in time for CYBER MONDAY! Today is one of their biggest sales of the year with up to 50% off across the site, too! You are not going to want to miss out on this.

See what fashions I picked out…

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