AKCESS to Comfort

Hey everyone! I first want to take a second and tell you all thanks! Thank you for riding this wave with me for almost two years! I never take this platform for granted and I appreciate you for following me! Ok, now that I got those emotions out of the way, I can elaborate on this comfy, Old Navy, summer look (before it’s too late to wear) that I created with all clearance and sale items!

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Black Southern Belle

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to share my feature (linked in the last paragraph) on Black Southern Belle (BSB) with AKCESS!

I was so excited when the creator of BSB, Michiel Perry, reached out to me a few months ago asking me if I wanted to be featured on her blog. I eagerly accepted the offer. I mean, who wouldn’t?

So to Michiel, thank you for believing in me! Thank you for wanting to acknowledge my work and share your platform with me to allow others to get to know what AKCESS is all about!

To my friends & followers, thank you for believing and supporting me along this journey! You guys are pretty awesome!

Here is my feature on Black Southern Belle! Be sure to like, comment, & share! I always want to hear what you guys are thinking!

I am forever grateful.