I was super excited to reach out to my past coworker and hometown acquaintance, Diana, when I saw that she was launching her own online boutique. I felt a bolt of excitement for her and this new business venture, so I immediately wanted to support her in any way that I could. I was able to touch bases with her and experience a “try on session!” This was the fun part for sure. Getting the full experience with Jessamine and James Clothing Company was so much fun!! Today’s feature is the Feeling Pretty Peachy Top

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Usually I jump on the opportunity to share my fashion plugs, great deals, and so on. Today, I’ve decided to take a different approach. I want to MOTIV8 anyone that’s thinking about stepping out of faith and starting something! That something could be starting a blog, a business, or anything that can produce another stream of income!

all images included are provided by Lavish Moments Photography

Keep reading to see some of my key points based on my experiences since launching  AKCESS.me!

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