Usually I jump on the opportunity to share my fashion plugs, great deals, and so on. Today, I’ve decided to take a different approach. I want to MOTIV8 anyone that’s thinking about stepping out of faith and starting something! That something could be starting a blog, a business, or anything that can produce another stream of income!

all images included are provided by Lavish Moments Photography

Keep reading to see some of my key points based on my experiences since launching!

Before I dive into my personal tips to MOTIV8 whoever this is speaking to, of course I must share these outfit details (per the usual). Each item is linked with the exact piece or a very
similar piece for you to choose from to recreate this very comfortable look.

Dress: here // here // here
Mules: here // here // here
Bag: here // here // here

Now let’s MOTIV8! I have noticed that lately several people have reached out to me and asked me the infamous question: How do I do it? How do I manage to blog, handle social media, work my full-time job, AND still live a little. It’s tough. It really is! But, in order to not be overwhelmed with it all you absolutely have to do a few things! (1.) TIME MANAGEMENT!
Don’t jump into blogging or a business venture full throttle. One step at a time!
Ease your way in by researching the market that you’re pursuing. Once you have done this, then you’re officially ready to create a do list or schedule. Find what works for you. For example, I prefer to draft my AKCESS posts at night so that I can revisit my thoughts and my post. This, then takes us into (2.) BE YOUR OWN BLOGGER/BUSINESS OWNER!  You will be surprised at how many people are looking at your work and becoming inspired! Inspired so much that they follow in your footsteps. This can be a good or a bad thing.  But always remember, you have to cater to your following. I have to talk about what my market is interested in reading and not what another blogger’s market is looking to receive from them! (Am I preaching?)  (3.) ENJOY WHAT IT IS THAT YOU ARE PURSUING! I know that sometimes you can feel overwhelmed. It can be easier said than done,  but try as hard as you can to not lose your passion. Know your purpose and stand behind it wholeheartedly. There was one point in time where I would be asked, “What is the purpose of your blog?” When I couldn’t answer that confidently, that is when I knew that there was a problem!  After shifting my perspective and thinking about why I was so passionate about AKCESS, I was able to come up with the statement below:

Fashion is providing individuals with a style that magnifies the smallest details and allows AKCESS for others to see who they can be! This can all be done through the gifts that God has given me.

Find your why and stand by what it is that you are offering for the world to see!

So, let’s do a brief recap:
How to Become/Stay MOTIV8ED
1. Manage your time wisely. Do your own research, know your market, and produce good fruits.

2. Stay in your lane. Do what fits your market. Don’t blog about what you see is popular for someone else and their following.

3. Love, love, love what it is that you are doing!

I hope this is helpful to  someone who is trying to get into blogging or simply step out on faith to try your next “new” thing. I hope that this is helping to MOTIV8 entrepreneurs and others who simply needed a kick!


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