Q&A with Tati Chin


I’m Tati Chin. I’m a professional food taster and amateur food maker at tatichin.com. I blog primarily about tips, trips, and tastes from my big comfy couch in Atlanta, GA! Did I mention how excited I am to be interviewed by Kristen for AKCESS?

So, let’s get started!

1. What convinced you to begin blogging?

I’ve always been a talker. In my college web development class we had to make a personal website as an assignment and from there I sort of fell in love with blogging!

2. How did you come up with your blog’s name?

My blog is simply Tati Chin because I want people to associate me with the brand. At first that may come off as a bit self-centered, but when I think of the brands that inspire me: Oprah, Martha Stewart, and of course, Beyoncé, I feel firm in that decision.

3. What are your top three (3) tools that you use with your blog and why?

• Google Apps are incredible. I have the $5 a month domain email that comes with lots of storage and my own custom email address and everything is connected. The Google Docs mobile app is what I use to outline content ideas, the Google Sheets app I use for tracking, Calendar for publishing, and obviously my Gmail inbox. Google is a life-changer!

• Canva. If you’ve ever seen those cutie blog graphics people have for their posts they were probably created with Canva. Once you get the hang of it, you can have pre-made templates for blog posts images and custom color palettes to suit your blog. Great for folks like me who aren’t quite ready to hire a graphic designer.

• Mailchimp. I know there’s a lot of competition when it comes to email tools, but Mailchimp does everything I need it to do. Building an email list is something I wish I did earlier on. Now that I’ve got a great free goodie to give people when they sign up, Mailchimp makes it so easy for people to access it!

4. Outside of blogging, what other interest do you have?

My blog is now primarily focused on food, so obviously I spend a lot of time tasting and trying new things, shopping for unique ingredients, and getting what I call food-spo (food inspiration). I can’t believe I’m saying this in the year 2017, but I love physical activity. From yoga to running to kickboxing to hiking, I love working up a good sweat. It makes me feel accomplished. And it balances out all that delicious food!

5. With being a blogger, what has been your biggest challenge thus far?

My biggest challenge is making sure I’m delivering content that people actually want to consume. Every so often I like to step back, look at what content is “doing numbers” and scrap the stuff that isn’t. I also love that unsolicited feedback from my friends, even if it’s like “girl…what the hell is this post about?”

It’s hard when something you’re passionate about isn’t necessarily getting through to people, but it’s okay!

6. What advice can you offer to beginning bloggers or people who are hesitant in starting their blog?

People get very discouraged by the “over-saturation” of the blogging world. My advice? Make cool content. Tell your own unique story in your own unique voice. Repeat. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing…like Nike, just do it!

7. Which social media platform works best for your blog and why? 

Although I’m a mostly-food blogger, my content seems to do the best on Twitter. Like I said, I’m a talker, so on Twitter I can give a back-story before I just drop a link to a post. People want to hear the story behind things and know that there’s a human there beyond the dish (or in your case, the outfit).

 Again, you can find me at tatichin.com and my Instagram & Twitter usernames are @tatichin also. I’m so excited for you and this amazing year Kristen!

I am so thankful for the help that Tati lends to me whenever I need her! She is fun, energetic, and always eating/cooking something amazing!  Be sure to check out her site.  You are sure to fall in love!  It’s linked above!





Yum, yum, yum!

Food is life, right?! I mean, without it, we’d be a world of “hangry” people…or least I would be! Anytime I am able to find a new eatery with my foodie partner, also known as my hubs, I immediately think of you guys. (Not even kidding!) So, without further ado, let me formerly introduce you to this little charm in the city…meet The Devine Cinnamon Roll Deli!

2617 Devin Street Cola, SC

Talk about a treasure of yummy deliciousness! Oh. My. Goodness! We were fortunate enough to catch them before they stopped serving breakfast to begin switching over to their lunch menu! I would compare their food to Panera but waaaay better. It’s almost like comparing Embassy Suites to Trump Towers! (Just my interpretation. Both are good, but one is better!) It’s presented in the most simplistic way and get this…with every single breakfast sandwich you get a FREE miniature cinnamon roll. I have never had so much goodness at once for breakfast. See my meal below!
The BIG Max & the mini cinnamon roll
Sourdough bread, black pepper bacon, whole grain mustard spread//Nail polish: Let’s Be Friends OPI Hello Kitty feature

My husband had the steak and eggs sandwich and he described it as, “Magical!” I pinky promise this was the word that came out of his mouth. Ha! If you are concerned with the price point, you don’t have to worry because it’s nothing on the menu that’s more than $8.50! I want to assume that it’s so affordable due to being located near the University and wanting to be able to cater to the college students’ budgets. 

Cinnamon Roll Deli was so, super busy when we arrived and it never died down in time for me to get photos of the “cinnamon roll bar”! So let’s use that as a way to make you want to go and see what’s it all about! But I did score this photo of the inside area! Notice the artwork on the wall! It’s from local artists and all of the items are for sale. What an awesome way to support local artists! 

Art work features on the far wall – all donations go to Rescue Pets
Small entrance signage

Definitely, absolutely, positively go here when you have a moment and want to enjoy some amazing food with an even better price point!
Coffee bar
wall decor

Ordering area
Front page of their menu
Sample of their featured item of the day: pimento cheese grits

Comment below when you have a chance to visit and let me know what your thoughts are! Already been here? Great! Share your thoughts for myself and others to see! ENJOY! 

Casually Being Impromptu 

Don’t you just love when things happen in your life and you immediately say to yourself, “this is a future post!”? I totally had this moment while having dinner this week!  I thought the title of this post was kind of fun, catchy and pretty random at the same time. All which describes me on the daily!  I wanted to create this simple and impromptu post just to share some ideas on how to be casual and comfy for dinner dates  whether it’s with your girl-friends or with your special someone, husband, whoever.  Being cute while being comfy at the same time is MAJOR KEY for me when choosing a way to pair clothing items.  Once upon a time, I wanted to wear the highest heels and the tightest skirts.  I would be so uncomfortable! But as I have gotten older I only want to be comfy.  Can you agree?

Earlier this week, I was able to link up over dinner with one of my gal pals. She’s a charm and so was dinner at a local restaurant located in Five Points called Publico.  Great location, great interior set up, and awesome food.  It’s not an “upscale” place…I categorize it to be very laid back.  I was aware of where we were meeting for dinner Wednesday evening so I knew that I didn’t have to go for the sexy, sultry look but more of a cute, fun and casual outfit.  Although, I truly believe in the phrase, “there’s no such thing as being overdressed,” this was one of those days where I threw that completely out of the window.  I didn’t really have a process of putting these simple items together but below is sort of what my thought process was for the event:

  • wear a Fall color; nothing too bright
  • polish nails a neutral color that can be shown well in a dim area – – white
  • wear comfortable yet fashionable shoes – – based this on the weather

After considering all of these things, I came up with this outfit:

“Dress how you want to be addressed!”

Romper: Old Navy (no longer in stock)

Boots: Target (no longer in stock)

Denim jacket: Old Navy

Purse: MK Jet set travel tote

So the takeaways from this post are:

  1. When in Columbia go grab a bite to eat at Publico (check out the food blog on IG – TheSouthernBellestonian – to see food deets)
  2. Yes, you can be cute/sexy, comfy, and still work it like there is no tomorrow in an affordable manner
  3. the Iphone 7+ is capable of taking some pretty cool pictures

Hope this helps you in some way now or in the future! Don’t forget to check out my IG too – – thought I’d throw that in there! *wink*

when in Atlanta…

When in Atlanta for our annual birthday visit, there are three things that are guaranteed while there:

1. Great shopping

2. Immaculate food

3. A yummy cocktail – or a delicious beer

This years trip did not disappoint! Arriving into town on Friday, the weather was outrageously cold but bearable. Definitely needed to wear a hat and scarf to stay warm and fuzzy on the inside so that’s exactly what I did!

Hat: Target//Scarf: Entourage

Dinner ideas were already discussed and hands down the majority vote went to Fox Brothers BBQ! Absolutely THE best collard greens in the city! And let’s not forget the Emergency Drinking beer that’s brewed right there in Atl. If you want citrus and smooth features in your beer this is the one for you! We all had plans on hanging out and exploring downtown but it was too cold and we were just too stuffed from dinner! Twenty seven is showing old age, ha!

Saturday morning began with one of the best breakfast spots I know in the area and that’s Silver Skillet! Life changing! It’s a very southern, not too fancy, hole in the wall restaurant. These are usually the best places with the greatest food…and get this…it’s super affordable! Make your heart happy and visit when in Atl!

Off to Lenox! I heart this mall! You can make all of your fashion and shopping dreams come true here. Atlanta is my modern New York experience! I went there with the intentions to purchase my second Louis Vuitton! This was an experience in itself. I walked in excited and went right over to the young lady and stated what I wanted. She handed me the purse, I did a mirror check, and BOOM! Not one chill. No fireworks! I knew then I didn’t just want to purchase the bag but more so EARN the bag! Self accomplishments and reaching goals that are set for personal growth and satisfaction feel more rewarding than just buying the expensive bag. [Rising Tide Society – – #theRechargeChallenge – – relative to my IG post] So I left and explored the mall. We stayed there for 5 hours! True story. I wore heels and did pretty good to make it from 8 am to approximately 5 pm. [pats self on back] then I pulled the flats out!

Hat: Target//Jeans: Express// Shoes: Old Navy//Vest: Target

For dinner we had Bricktops! This is sort of our  traditional, go to eatery and it is amazing! Great steaks, ribs, and wine! Merlot to be exact. Thankfully this restaurant has multiple locations so if you can’t make it to Ga. look for your closets location and go there…NOW!

Baby back ribs//coleslaw//Mac & Cheese

Sunday morning breakfast was a toss-up! Our options were either Silver Skillet, HomeGrown, or Thumbs Up Diner! And the winner was **drum roll**…

The food was perfect! The service was nice and fast. CASH ONLY eatery! Typically, places with this on the door are always yummy! And this was no different. Super inexpensive and worth a drop in!

Grits//Sausage & Egg Handheld

What’s the perfect way to wrap up a trip to Atlanta? Of course, by getting a manicure/pedicure at Polished and shopping! This is always the conclusion to our trip before we head back home!

Shopping in Macy’s
Photo opportunity in Goodwill
car selfies


AKCESS t-shirt courtesy of Key Kreations


did someone say 50% off?

As always….thank you Atlanta, Ga. for being so amazing to me, to us, this go around! F.I.L.A! Until next time! XO