when in Atlanta…

When in Atlanta for our annual birthday visit, there are three things that are guaranteed while there:

1. Great shopping

2. Immaculate food

3. A yummy cocktail – or a delicious beer

This years trip did not disappoint! Arriving into town on Friday, the weather was outrageously cold but bearable. Definitely needed to wear a hat and scarf to stay warm and fuzzy on the inside so that’s exactly what I did!

Hat: Target//Scarf: Entourage

Dinner ideas were already discussed and hands down the majority vote went to Fox Brothers BBQ! Absolutely THE best collard greens in the city! And let’s not forget the Emergency Drinking beer that’s brewed right there in Atl. If you want citrus and smooth features in your beer this is the one for you! We all had plans on hanging out and exploring downtown but it was too cold and we were just too stuffed from dinner! Twenty seven is showing old age, ha!

Saturday morning began with one of the best breakfast spots I know in the area and that’s Silver Skillet! Life changing! It’s a very southern, not too fancy, hole in the wall restaurant. These are usually the best places with the greatest food…and get this…it’s super affordable! Make your heart happy and visit when in Atl!

Off to Lenox! I heart this mall! You can make all of your fashion and shopping dreams come true here. Atlanta is my modern New York experience! I went there with the intentions to purchase my second Louis Vuitton! This was an experience in itself. I walked in excited and went right over to the young lady and stated what I wanted. She handed me the purse, I did a mirror check, and BOOM! Not one chill. No fireworks! I knew then I didn’t just want to purchase the bag but more so EARN the bag! Self accomplishments and reaching goals that are set for personal growth and satisfaction feel more rewarding than just buying the expensive bag. [Rising Tide Society – – #theRechargeChallenge – – relative to my IG post] So I left and explored the mall. We stayed there for 5 hours! True story. I wore heels and did pretty good to make it from 8 am to approximately 5 pm. [pats self on back] then I pulled the flats out!

Hat: Target//Jeans: Express// Shoes: Old Navy//Vest: Target

For dinner we had Bricktops! This is sort of our  traditional, go to eatery and it is amazing! Great steaks, ribs, and wine! Merlot to be exact. Thankfully this restaurant has multiple locations so if you can’t make it to Ga. look for your closets location and go there…NOW!

Baby back ribs//coleslaw//Mac & Cheese

Sunday morning breakfast was a toss-up! Our options were either Silver Skillet, HomeGrown, or Thumbs Up Diner! And the winner was **drum roll**…

The food was perfect! The service was nice and fast. CASH ONLY eatery! Typically, places with this on the door are always yummy! And this was no different. Super inexpensive and worth a drop in!

Grits//Sausage & Egg Handheld

What’s the perfect way to wrap up a trip to Atlanta? Of course, by getting a manicure/pedicure at Polished and shopping! This is always the conclusion to our trip before we head back home!

Shopping in Macy’s
Photo opportunity in Goodwill
car selfies


AKCESS t-shirt courtesy of Key Kreations


did someone say 50% off?

As always….thank you Atlanta, Ga. for being so amazing to me, to us, this go around! F.I.L.A! Until next time! XO 

7 thoughts on “when in Atlanta…

  1. First I am so glad I ate before opening your post!! Ribs, mac & cheese, wine, grits, eggs, steak! What did you have for dessert? Did I miss that? I always think I have room for dessert, but rarely do.

    I love white jeans and wear them all year round. Love them with boots! How do those suede boots hold up in your winters? I always put suede away by Thanksgiving.

    Love your hat, and was just thinking about getting a new one. It’s been over two years since I bought a new one, and I had to throw a straw one out this summer.

    Happy Birthday! You’re just a year older or less than my Baby Girl. My Marathon Mall days are over, but I taught her well. She’ll be a mall rat for years to come. 🙂 So, I know how your feet felt at the end of that day. In heels! I salute you! I did that once or twice in my life. Brutal!

    Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow!! Thank you your response! I literally very rarely have dessert but they offer the best cookie skillet everrrr!! The suede is perfect for Winter time! The hat was an added accessory really because I didn’t want to do my hair. Target has tons of hats for $19.99! Thanks for the birthday wishes dear! So far 27 has been awesome! Wearing heels all day pretty much wasn’t too bad throughout until I the evening and by then they had to go. Happy New Year to you and your family! I wish you nothing but prosperity and good health! THANKS for visiting AKCESS! XO

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess I better get over to my Target and look at hats before they get too picked over. 🙂

        I may have to spray more protection on my suede boots and wear them longer in the winter season and think about adding a tall pair to my shoe inventory. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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