Q&A with Just Being Britt


I’m Britt; a fitness lover doubling as a world traveler.  I experience different cultures all while staying true to myself. With my blog, I advocate self-love and hope to inspire others by sharing workouts, tips, product reviews, and life hacks!

  1. What convinced you to begin blogging?

I honestly did it on a whim.  A lot of people would laugh at the idea of me being “another blogger,” but I had a need for a creative outlet to document my fitness journey.  I just wanted to inspire other people while being as honest as possible about the ups and downs of trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

  1. How did you come up with your blog’s name?

I initially started blogging under the brand “Beauty in Beast Mode,” but after a year, it began to feel inorganic.  It just felt like I HAD to keep up with this image of always being in the gym or always focusing on my body and that just wasn’t me.  After a year, I re-branded my blog to “Just Being Britt.”  I felt like this was a space that I could be authentic.  I could talk about my workouts and what I was eating, but also my struggles and other experiences in my life without having to portray some perfect life.

  1. What are your top three (3) tools that you use with your blog and why?
  • Google Analytics is a great tool I use to track all the stats for my blog.  It helps me figure out all my demographics and which posts attract the most attention and engagement.  A lot of times, brands need to know all your demographics to consider me for a campaign so it’s great that I can always have that information available.
  • I love Mail chimp.  It’s a great, free tool I use to promote new content on my blog or to simply offer free workouts, inspiration or any type of content that I won’t necessarily put in a blog post.
  • Another tool I like is PicMonkey. This helps create eye-catching pins for Pinterest.  Pinterest has directed a lot of traffic to posts on my blog.  Sometimes it just takes the right image and caption and you gain more readers.
  1. Outside of blogging, what other interest do you have?  I consider myself a simple kind of girl.  I love food and spending time with my friends and family.  I’m currently living abroad, and I don’t get to do that year round.  So, while in different countries, I like to explore, try new workouts and all the food!
  2. With being a blogger, what has been your biggest challenge thus far?

One of the biggest challenges is consistency!  It’s not that there aren’t so many topics to cover, but I have to stay in the routine of brainstorming, writing and creating.  Sometimes, I’m just not as inspired and have to go back to the drawing board without neglecting my blog all together.

  1. What advice can you offer to beginning bloggers or people who are hesitant in starting their blog?

My advice for beginning bloggers is to be authentic and plan ahead.  Your ideas, your views, and your experiences are what will shape your story.  Your story is important, because it’s what people can connect with.  Once you know your perspective and your story, you can create a brand that will showcase all of those ideas and experiences.  Just be yourself, stay consistent and go for it!

  1. What’s social media platforms work best for your blog and why?

Instagram is my favorite social media platform.  This is where I receive the most traffic and the most engagement.  I can tell a story, post a workout, post a joke or just post inspiration and have an opportunity to communicate with my audience.  Also, using Instagram with an emphasis on hash tags and tagging different brands I use have helped my gain partnerships and opportunities with those brands.  So, it’s a great way to connect with my audience as well as reach out to my favorite brands.

I hope that this is helpful to you all and don’t forget to find me at www.JustBeingBritt.com! Can’t wait to meet you!

Britt was always willing to help me during my decision time for AKCESS.  I still believe that I CANNOT thank her enough for her help and guidance through the process. She will forever be one of my favorites!  Check out her site (link provided above) and join her mailing list so that you never miss out!



Q&A with Tati Chin


I’m Tati Chin. I’m a professional food taster and amateur food maker at tatichin.com. I blog primarily about tips, trips, and tastes from my big comfy couch in Atlanta, GA! Did I mention how excited I am to be interviewed by Kristen for AKCESS?

So, let’s get started!

1. What convinced you to begin blogging?

I’ve always been a talker. In my college web development class we had to make a personal website as an assignment and from there I sort of fell in love with blogging!

2. How did you come up with your blog’s name?

My blog is simply Tati Chin because I want people to associate me with the brand. At first that may come off as a bit self-centered, but when I think of the brands that inspire me: Oprah, Martha Stewart, and of course, Beyoncé, I feel firm in that decision.

3. What are your top three (3) tools that you use with your blog and why?

• Google Apps are incredible. I have the $5 a month domain email that comes with lots of storage and my own custom email address and everything is connected. The Google Docs mobile app is what I use to outline content ideas, the Google Sheets app I use for tracking, Calendar for publishing, and obviously my Gmail inbox. Google is a life-changer!

• Canva. If you’ve ever seen those cutie blog graphics people have for their posts they were probably created with Canva. Once you get the hang of it, you can have pre-made templates for blog posts images and custom color palettes to suit your blog. Great for folks like me who aren’t quite ready to hire a graphic designer.

• Mailchimp. I know there’s a lot of competition when it comes to email tools, but Mailchimp does everything I need it to do. Building an email list is something I wish I did earlier on. Now that I’ve got a great free goodie to give people when they sign up, Mailchimp makes it so easy for people to access it!

4. Outside of blogging, what other interest do you have?

My blog is now primarily focused on food, so obviously I spend a lot of time tasting and trying new things, shopping for unique ingredients, and getting what I call food-spo (food inspiration). I can’t believe I’m saying this in the year 2017, but I love physical activity. From yoga to running to kickboxing to hiking, I love working up a good sweat. It makes me feel accomplished. And it balances out all that delicious food!

5. With being a blogger, what has been your biggest challenge thus far?

My biggest challenge is making sure I’m delivering content that people actually want to consume. Every so often I like to step back, look at what content is “doing numbers” and scrap the stuff that isn’t. I also love that unsolicited feedback from my friends, even if it’s like “girl…what the hell is this post about?”

It’s hard when something you’re passionate about isn’t necessarily getting through to people, but it’s okay!

6. What advice can you offer to beginning bloggers or people who are hesitant in starting their blog?

People get very discouraged by the “over-saturation” of the blogging world. My advice? Make cool content. Tell your own unique story in your own unique voice. Repeat. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing…like Nike, just do it!

7. Which social media platform works best for your blog and why? 

Although I’m a mostly-food blogger, my content seems to do the best on Twitter. Like I said, I’m a talker, so on Twitter I can give a back-story before I just drop a link to a post. People want to hear the story behind things and know that there’s a human there beyond the dish (or in your case, the outfit).

 Again, you can find me at tatichin.com and my Instagram & Twitter usernames are @tatichin also. I’m so excited for you and this amazing year Kristen!

I am so thankful for the help that Tati lends to me whenever I need her! She is fun, energetic, and always eating/cooking something amazing!  Be sure to check out her site.  You are sure to fall in love!  It’s linked above!