Doodle & Stumps

Hey friends!! I wanted to take the time to create this post to show my gratitude. It’s always important to thank others when they help you, but sometimes it’s more important that you build others up and encourage others as they share their talents and gifts! I want to shout out the lovely and very talented Kimbie Noble! Kimbie created this perfect little doodle of me for AKCESS! This was a gift that amazed me and I am still blown away to this day. I’m not only in awe of her tremendous talent, but her kindness and willingness to produce such fab work. So, THANK YOU Kimbie from the bottom of my heart!

Here’s the original photo (produced from LMP)

Beside every good woman, there is an awesome partner. This is the case with Kimbie and her husband! If you would; direct your attention to my very super cute and convenient Stump! Yes, it’s called a Stump! Kevin Noble created this super useful product and shared one with me! I have found that a Stump is a product that every tablet/smartphone owner needs.

As advertised, the Stump is “ergonomically designed to be an adaptable stand for your iPad, tablet, e-reader, and smartphone.”  It is a very lightweight accessory. It’s made from a foam material which makes it easier for use while lounging.  It’s travel friendly so you can use at the office, in the car, or even while at the park.  Super Stump tablet stands can be purchased here and they come in several different colors such as black, red, and royal blue! The color of the product pictured is sea glass.

Again, I can not thank Kim and her husband enough for being so generous and so awesome to me! They truly believe in my vision and that means everything to me!  Be sure that you check out the website for Stump and FOLLOW Kimbie on her social media page!  Enjoy!




IG Fav.

Yes, I know, this is a spur of the moment post but I had to give you AKCESS to more details of this outfit! This will be simple, short, and sweet…no worries.

Ok, so this entire ensemble was purchased from Express! (In case you missed it, Express one of my favorite stores!) I caught the ruffled top, the destroyed denim and the sandal heels all on sale! My rule is to never pay full price for items you can catch on sale! Patience is essential! Everything is true to size if you’re curious. As far as accessories go, my “Mrs” necklace is from Entourage. My watch is Michael Kors. The nail and screw gold bracelet is from a boutique called Monkee’s!

[ Sheesh! I stay on my phone! I was probably in the middle of snap chatting or something! Speaking of, be sure to add me there too! My username is “DIVAKYC.” ]

I hope you guys enjoy this post and I encourage you to always, always feel free to give me feedback! It helps me to cater to what you want to see on AKCESS! Also, thank you to Courtney of Serenity Photography (again, based out of Greenwood, SC) for taking these photos for me! Kiss kiss.