How I Manage…

Hey friends! Last week I asked my Instagram and AKCESS supporters for topic interests that were different from my #TrendingTopic posts! Once you guys responded, I created a list and chose the top questions that I believed to be the most helpful and the most relevant to AKCESS’ vision.
Here is the first question that I picked…

Q: How do you manage blogging and not get overwhelmed?

A: Truth be told, if you were to ask my husband or big sis, they would probably say that I’m always busy “doing nothing!” Although I know I should set aside specific days and times to work on content as a best practice, I tend to be very sporadic with my writing. I try to plan posts for the entire month most times. However, if I can’t do it, it’s ok too!

I learned very early on that you CANNOT start off your blogging journey stating to your followers that you will post three or more times a week! Better stated, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to commit to more than one post a week. Making realistic goals ensures that I am creating pieces that are easy to read and free of mistakes. Rushing to meet the demands of an overcrowded blogging schedule can cause you to have too many typos. I love AKCESS and always want to represent my brand by showing that I take my craft very seriously. Editing takes time and I always want to put forth my personal best!

My advice is to PACE YOURSELF! Rome was not built in one day, and neither was AKCESS! Some days, reality will slap you in the face and you’ll have no idea what to blog about! It is okay! Pinky promise.

Here are a few helpful tips that can help you become & stay coordinated:

Invest in a planner – It doesn’t have to be super pricey, but something that you are comfortable with and allows space for lots of ideas! Here and here you’ll find planner suggestions.

Use your phone calendar – We are ALL guilty of always having our cell phones in our hands all the time! Why not plan your post on your iCal or Google calendar? Set alerts to remind you of tasks you want to accomplish for your blog.

Use your time wisely – Always be prepared to jot down ideas. Our phone is so multimodal, so it is also a great place to keep your notes. However, if having lots of different notebooks are your thing; use a small notebook or even your planner that you keep with you so that you can jot down your notes anywhere an idea hits!

I really hope you found this helpful! I’m always here to help when I can, so be sure to contact me if you ever want to chat & brainstorm a bit! Until next time!


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