Thank you Subscribers!

I am still in awe that in only a little over a month now, I have hit more than 50 subscribers to the blog. That’s 50 people who have signed up to receive alerts to when I post! The most exciting part of this is that they aren’t mostly family and close friends! It’s 50 subscribers who enjoy and support my vision and what I have to say! Thank you for every like, comment, and share. YOU have helped me reach this first milestone of 50! Whether you think “It’s just 50.” or you’re like me and think “Yes! 50 subscribers!”, the number has me excited and feeling extremely blessed!

I told my social media followers that I would do something special for my 50th email subscriber and I am a woman of my word.

Thank you, as well as, congratulations are in order to the lovely Aleshia Ford for being my 50th subscriber to AKCESS! I hope that your Starbucks card has made its way to you and you enjoy a drink or two on me!

Thank you all for your support thus far and I can’t wait to give you more and more GLITZ, GLAM, & BOLD!


Christmas Cheer

Can you believe that it is Christmas Day?  I am still blown away at how fast this year has gone by!  Most times we only want to talk about what we are thankful for and how grateful we are during the Thanksgiving holiday but I really believe that it should be an every day type of thankfulness.  We just “present it” or “post about it” when it is holiday time.  And the crazy part is….I am guilty of it.  A small take away from this is to share and celebrate life’s small and big blessings year-round and not just during holiday season! Soon you (we) will love celebrating your (our) own & others victories!

 So to all – – my readers, the people that are following, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU reading this right now, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope that you got all of the items your heart desired but I also pray that you were able to be with your loved ones and share some Christmas Cheer! Here are a few photos from Christmas Eve (day) and  “cozies by the Christmas tree” (night) for you to see!


“Love the giver more the gift!” – Brigham Young

Christmas tree décor provided by my Auntie Beverly and cousins

PJs: Target//Mug: Starbucks
Pajama set =MY ALL TIME FAVORITE for the holiday season

Starbucks mugs and the featured designs are always changing and this one is from last years holiday line. Tons more are available here

The greatest present that you could gift to me is to like this post and/or leave a comment describing your Christmas 2016 experience in a word or several! *wink*