Trending Topic: Cold Shoulders & Loire

I am going to be completely honest with you all.  What kind of blogger would I be if I am not completely transparent? I should share my awesome highlights as well as my “not so smart” moments on fashion, right?  

A few months ago, I was asked to assist a gal pal with getting some outfits together and she mentioned that she wanted to incorporate a cold shoulder! Now I’m thinking, “what’s a cold shoulder”? I had no idea! I had to google it!  

Am I the only self proclaimed “fashionista” that didn’t know that? I own plenty of cold shoulder pieces and never knew that was the official name for it! Oh well…  Just know that I am swooning for the cold shoulder trend!

This is my Blue Steele top from Entourage! It’s so popular that it has SOLD OUTHere you can find a similar top.

 I guess this is a bit of an announcement post too! I am thrilled to tell you all that I’ve partnered with the Entourage brand to provide you guys with awesome, amazing, AND affordable looks!  This is a unique store that every female should check out at least one hundred times in their life span. 

 Cold shoulder fashion is so on trend, so comfortable, and so in budget when purchasing from Entourage!  Quality clothing for affordable prices. You just can’t beat it, ladies.  This is the perfect top to dress up or down.  It is super comfy and made with quality. (Nothing can compare to breathable material!) I am wearing a size XL. My Entourage shades are pretty dope too! They are only $12! DEAL!

My Loire sandals in Gold are also from Entourage. These slides definitely made a huge comeback this season.  The color gold always demands attention and these aren’t any different. Let’s call these sandals comfortable showstoppers! Oh, and the best part is that these are LESS than $25.00! 

How cute is my Pineapple bangle? Pineapples are currently the trendiest fruit in fashion if you haven’t noticed! This was the perfect match for my outfit on my recent weekend trip to Charleston! Our stay there was so perfect! Charming Charleston and the beautiful weather was just right for my cold shoulder trend! 

If you want to shop my look or items similar, the direct links are included.  Don’t forget to check out your local Entourage store (you can find your nearest location here) or shop Entourage’s online inventory.

They. Are. Amazing!


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9 thoughts on “Trending Topic: Cold Shoulders & Loire

    1. Awesome! Thanks love! It’s so trendy! Plus I love showing a little shoulder to the world, ha! I’ll be sure to head over to see your post right now!! XO


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