Fall Wedding Success…What She Wore


Fall weddings are such tricky events to prepare for. Especially in South Carolina. Right now, we should be experiencing rather cool weather but instead it’s HOT as *emojis eyes* here! This past November, my husband and I were able to attend such a beautiful, well put together, fall, church wedding. For those of you that don’t know, in most churches in the south there’s a certain “dress code” that you follow regardless of the event that’s being held there. This is why I immediately had no idea where to begin when searching for something to wear. Huge question mark! We received the invite in early September so I was able to get a head start.

When I have events to attend, I consider a couple things when figuring out what in the world to wear. Below are my top two considerations.

 1: Location – I consider where the activity or event takes place. Inside or outside? Cold/hot/neutral temperature environment?

2. Who – who are the people that are going to be in the surroundings? [this is a consideration for me because I personally would not dress the same for my grandparents as I would with my girlfriends]

Once these questions are answered I usually have a clearer vision of what I’m looking for. So I knew the wedding was going to be held at the Brook (a newer church that’s based in Columbia) and I also knew there would be a variety of people in attendance. Ranging from older individuals to young adults. So my mind had gone into motion.

The invites to her bridal shower and wedding all coordinated together with a Falling in Love theme so I automatically envisioned maroon, black, hunter green, and mustard yellow. Here’s a palette I found with a few inspirational fall colors below!

Falling in Love color scheme
I totally went with the berry red, maroon, garnet color pallet as my choice simply because I knew the wedding was set on the day of  my alma-maters  homecoming (Go Gamecocks!) so, just in case I wanted to go and make an appearance,  I wanted to be prepared. After all of the filtering and web surfing I of course went to old faithful…BOOHOO.COM

Here’s what i wore! 

Bag: Express/Shoes: Express/Dress: Boohoo

Another essential must have for my wedding outfit was, of course, my husband.  What he wore edition. He decided that the fall color palette was NOT his style and wanted to go with a mixed pattern option which worked out perfectly.

[Unfortunately none of the photos taken of he and I together came out suitable enough for the public eye].

Here’s a couple pictures from the wedding, just so you can see the wonderful couples color scheme for the day.

Everything was so beautiful which I’ve stated several times and I’m so happy that I was able to pull an affordable and chic outfit for Falling in Love with the NEW Mr and Mrs Walker! Oh, and did I mention that her dress was AHHH-MAZING?

I was unable to get the full details on her gown but I was completely okay with just gazing at its’ beauty!  It wasn’t the traditional white gown but more of the ivory/blush family.  Everything was southern, glitz, glam, & bold!  That’s for sure!


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