Wow! Two years. Wake me up because I must be dreaming. It’s so amazing what faith and works will do. I am so thankful to see twenty nine years of life and two years of sharing the truest version of myself in the influencer world. The greatest feeling of it is in knowing that greater is coming. Nothing can stop me from accomplishing my goals, PERIOD. It’s all determined by what I choose.

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Golden Goddess

Hey love bugs and happy Tuesday! This is a super short contribution to the fashionistas that want AKCESS to my Golden Goddess look. I wanted to provide you guys a central location to shop this easy and inexpensive look that I created. You can totally rock this style for any event that you’re attending (that allows denim) or you can throw on a nice pair of khakis with pumps to make it business casual! Check it out…

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Natural, Nature, & Love

What a title, huh!? I didn’t really know what I wanted to name this entry. I wanted it to be catchy, but I also wanted to hit multiple points. I just went with it and named it everything! So let’s get into it…

HAIR: I was so very hesitant with going natural. October of 2015 seems like only yesterday. The anxiety I felt was really quite overwhelming. So much so that I was literally like “Forget this!” and grabbed the scissors! I chopped my hair away! Fast forward to a variety of protective hairstyles, a major haircut to even it all out, some length later, and now here we are!

This was a detailed twist out that I did in a matter of two hours! (It’s such an exhausting task!) I used coconut oil, Eco styler, O’Pro leave in conditioner, and wha-la!

PHOTOS: This session took place at the State House in Columbia, SC! The flowers and the damask door frame gave me so much life! It was the perfect touch to the look. We were able to work with my girl, Kristen of LMP and she delivered as she always does! Aside from the ten thousand bees that could have possibly attacked us, these look absolutely amazing!

LOVE: I felt that I very rarely shined light on my better half. It is beyond time that I give my King his due. This was the perfect opportunity to do so! Aside from us needing some recent photos together, I wanted to let him experience the fun I have when getting photos done for AKCESS! He was a little anxious. His anxiousness later turned to annoyance; but we made it through! Kristen did an awesome job of capturing our personalities. If you know Jay, then you know he is always cracking jokes and keeping me laughing!

Ultimately, I just want to say thank you to him for believing in my passion. I appreciate him for never missing a beat, always taking care of me, and loving me with all of his strength and might! Doing life with him is a wild ride! We have highs and we have lows, but I am beyond grateful that I get to experience it all with him!

Quickly, here are our spring fling fit deets:

Dress is from Express

Sandals are Tory Burch Miller

His top and pants are Dillard’s features

Shoes are Toms

Remember, embrace your inner and outer naturalista, be one with nature, and love hard no matter what!


Tee Time or Tea Party

I am so thrilled to be sharing this post with the world! My best friend is having a baby and it’s a….GIRL! I don’t think it’s possible to share how excited I am for my friend of many years and her husband!

There are going to be so many precious moments and joyous experiences happening for them! Although I haven’t personally experienced motherhood, I know without a doubt that she will be one of the greatest moms ever! I remember the exact moment when she sent me the photo of her ultrasound! I burst into tears right at my desk at work! I was upset and happy all at the same time! How? I was so annoyed that she hadn’t told me sooner, but I was extremely happy that she was pregnant and having my next niece or nephew (I didn’t know the gender at the time).

You know the next thing the best friend is supposed to do after finding out news like this, right? Right!  I instantly started surfing the web for cute baby outfits!  I immediately became obsessed! We talked all day long and fed off of each other’s excitement. Now, with finding out the gender of baby Talbert, this has taken it to an entirely different level of excitement!

I pray for nothing but great health, great times, great memories, and great amounts of love to surround this growing family of THREE!


Here are a few shots from her Tee Time or Tea Party themed gathering!

Tee time or Tea Party…Tea Party!


The parents-to-be
#BabyTalbert due May 2017

Planning a gender reveal can be stressful for some and for others it’s a breeze! I created a small list of four (4) helpful tips that can make planning a little bit easier!

4 Helpful Tips When Planning A Gender Reveal Party

  1.  Make sure you consult with the honoree – find out his and her likes; the vision of the parents is what’s most important.
  2. Appoint a trust worthy friend also known as the “secret keeper” to know the gender and plan the party! (I was not that person because I would have ruined the surprise!)
  3. Try not to do one color more than the other – – have a balanced amount of pink and blue. (And, yes, it’s okay to use a different color scheme for the gathering.)
  4. Be sure to have a reliable person to have the camera ready and rolling to capture the big moment of the reveal and all the other details that make the day so special.


the Aunties to be
“The greatest gift of life is friendship & I have received it” – Hubert Humphries


Thank you Subscribers!

I am still in awe that in only a little over a month now, I have hit more than 50 subscribers to the blog. That’s 50 people who have signed up to receive alerts to when I post! The most exciting part of this is that they aren’t mostly family and close friends! It’s 50 subscribers who enjoy and support my vision and what I have to say! Thank you for every like, comment, and share. YOU have helped me reach this first milestone of 50! Whether you think “It’s just 50.” or you’re like me and think “Yes! 50 subscribers!”, the number has me excited and feeling extremely blessed!

I told my social media followers that I would do something special for my 50th email subscriber and I am a woman of my word.

Thank you, as well as, congratulations are in order to the lovely Aleshia Ford for being my 50th subscriber to AKCESS! I hope that your Starbucks card has made its way to you and you enjoy a drink or two on me!

Thank you all for your support thus far and I can’t wait to give you more and more GLITZ, GLAM, & BOLD!


Christmas Cheer

Can you believe that it is Christmas Day?  I am still blown away at how fast this year has gone by!  Most times we only want to talk about what we are thankful for and how grateful we are during the Thanksgiving holiday but I really believe that it should be an every day type of thankfulness.  We just “present it” or “post about it” when it is holiday time.  And the crazy part is….I am guilty of it.  A small take away from this is to share and celebrate life’s small and big blessings year-round and not just during holiday season! Soon you (we) will love celebrating your (our) own & others victories!

 So to all – – my readers, the people that are following, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU reading this right now, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope that you got all of the items your heart desired but I also pray that you were able to be with your loved ones and share some Christmas Cheer! Here are a few photos from Christmas Eve (day) and  “cozies by the Christmas tree” (night) for you to see!


“Love the giver more the gift!” – Brigham Young

Christmas tree décor provided by my Auntie Beverly and cousins

PJs: Target//Mug: Starbucks
Pajama set =MY ALL TIME FAVORITE for the holiday season

Starbucks mugs and the featured designs are always changing and this one is from last years holiday line. Tons more are available here

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Gift Giving Guide – Under $50

and that’s a wrap folks!

I know that sometimes we all, including myself, get a tad bit stomped on what in the world to gift our friends and family for the holidays without asking or giving hints of there being a purchase of something.  Me, personally, I try to get most if not all gifts on a budgeted scale.  I know that some people try to spend, spend, spend until they have no more funds to make it after the holidays and we definitely want to try to avoid this from ever having to happen! Whether you begin shopping earlier than most or later than others, there are still great gifts out there awaiting your purchase!  So with these things in mind, I created a “Gift Giving Guide for the Holidays” and all of the gifts included are under $50.00!  I figured that this was an acceptable budget if you are looking to gift several people this year.  This may be slightly bias due to some of the items being gifts that I would love so if something here isn’t necessarily “your taste” or preference, no worries!  These are just ideas and visuals for you to get an idea of what gifts to have in mind.


  1. Gabriella Rocha Elissa Bucket Purse with Wristlet -$36.99
  2. NARS Velvet Lip Glide – $26.00 – -comes in multiple colors too
  3. Orange Plaid Blanket Scarf – $21.89
  4. 10-Pc Breakfast at Tiffany’s Mini Set – $28.95
  5. Starbucks or Target gift cards
  6. Alex and Ani Wire Bangles – $48.00
  7. MAC Lip Conditioner – $16.00
  8. Kate Spade NY Mug – $19.99
  9. Kate Spade NY Gold Dot Medium Agenda – $30.00
  10. Michael Kors Fur & Leather Aviator Keychain – $34.00 [this is now SOLD OUT] and these are the reasons you want to get a head start and shop early!

Tips for Holiday Shopping

  • Keep the recipient in mind when making your purchase – – this is NOT for you
  • Do not spend all of your money to save face – – don’t be that person to spend all of your money on a gift that is out of budget for you; always look for deals ahead of time if you know exactly what item you want to purchase
  • Know the recipients clothing sizes if you are gifting clothes – – that worse thing ever is to get a gift that is the wrong size because now you have to go out to exchange or return the item
  • IF you are gifting someone & they have no idea BE SURE to include a gift receipt just in case they prefer something else
  • Gift cards are excellent gifts BUT never load funds under $10.00 – this is just courteous and says “here have something on me with no worries” versus “you may need to add some cash to your purchase”

I hope that this is helpful and easily guides you to purchasing the best gifts for your loved one(s)!





Fall Wedding Success…What She Wore


Fall weddings are such tricky events to prepare for. Especially in South Carolina. Right now, we should be experiencing rather cool weather but instead it’s HOT as *emojis eyes* here! This past November, my husband and I were able to attend such a beautiful, well put together, fall, church wedding. For those of you that don’t know, in most churches in the south there’s a certain “dress code” that you follow regardless of the event that’s being held there. This is why I immediately had no idea where to begin when searching for something to wear. Huge question mark! We received the invite in early September so I was able to get a head start.

When I have events to attend, I consider a couple things when figuring out what in the world to wear. Below are my top two considerations.

 1: Location – I consider where the activity or event takes place. Inside or outside? Cold/hot/neutral temperature environment?

2. Who – who are the people that are going to be in the surroundings? [this is a consideration for me because I personally would not dress the same for my grandparents as I would with my girlfriends]

Once these questions are answered I usually have a clearer vision of what I’m looking for. So I knew the wedding was going to be held at the Brook (a newer church that’s based in Columbia) and I also knew there would be a variety of people in attendance. Ranging from older individuals to young adults. So my mind had gone into motion.

The invites to her bridal shower and wedding all coordinated together with a Falling in Love theme so I automatically envisioned maroon, black, hunter green, and mustard yellow. Here’s a palette I found with a few inspirational fall colors below!

Falling in Love color scheme
I totally went with the berry red, maroon, garnet color pallet as my choice simply because I knew the wedding was set on the day of  my alma-maters  homecoming (Go Gamecocks!) so, just in case I wanted to go and make an appearance,  I wanted to be prepared. After all of the filtering and web surfing I of course went to old faithful…BOOHOO.COM

Here’s what i wore! 

Bag: Express/Shoes: Express/Dress: Boohoo

Another essential must have for my wedding outfit was, of course, my husband.  What he wore edition. He decided that the fall color palette was NOT his style and wanted to go with a mixed pattern option which worked out perfectly.

[Unfortunately none of the photos taken of he and I together came out suitable enough for the public eye].

Here’s a couple pictures from the wedding, just so you can see the wonderful couples color scheme for the day.

Everything was so beautiful which I’ve stated several times and I’m so happy that I was able to pull an affordable and chic outfit for Falling in Love with the NEW Mr and Mrs Walker! Oh, and did I mention that her dress was AHHH-MAZING?

I was unable to get the full details on her gown but I was completely okay with just gazing at its’ beauty!  It wasn’t the traditional white gown but more of the ivory/blush family.  Everything was southern, glitz, glam, & bold!  That’s for sure!