Throughout my entire life of birthdays and celebrations, this very moment in time absolutely has to be the best one yet. It feels completely different from the rest. I am allowing myself, as well as my readers, the opportunity to be open, honest, and viewed in raw form.

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As the book of life has been amazingly and abundantly good to me, I can feel in my spirit that this next chapter entitled “27” will allow so much growth to take place.  I have never felt this type of emotion on my birthday so this is sort of different and I am figuring out the best way to approach it.  I am so grateful and thankful for all of the minor and major hardships and doubts that took place in chapter 26.  You may be asking yourself how or even why would someone be happy that they experienced rough times?  I am so thankful for those times because if I had not experienced them, I wouldn’t be doing, pursuing, nor acting on something that was once just an idea or dream to me.  Pushing the envelope & beating the odds is something that I am willing to  do more so than I ever have in my life.  I want to learn to not live for others but to live for my TRUE self and I am envisioning so many good things to come in life.  James 1:6 tells us, “but when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.”  This speaks volumes and mirrors the strength and feeling I envision to take place in this chapter.  I acquire the belief and am refusing to doubt anything.


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In the midst of writing this, I wanted be sure to share with you

TWENTY-SEVEN Things That I Am Thankful For…big and small.

  1. Life
  2. My personal belief in my Higher power
  3. Marriage – my husband
  4. All of my family
  5. My career & the steady income it provides
  6. Wisdom that comes with age
  7. Opportunities to build others up along with times that I have the chance to be built
  8. Dinners prepared
  9. Gamecock football
  10. Atlanta, GA
  11. Obtaining and maintaining great health
  12. The Bible verses that come to my phone daily
  13. Henry’s Carolina Burger
  14. PSL
  15. The Golden Girls
  16. Phil 4:13 & the power it holds
  17. Apple products
  18. Being of sound mind, body, & spirit
  19. Luck Nail Supply
  20. The option of freedom of speech
  21. Life lessons in the midst of mistakes
  22. Kindness from strangers
  23. Arlenis
  24. Challenges
  25. Simple pleasures
  26. my readers, viewers, critics, & subscribers
  27. aKcess

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