Saturdays in the SEC

I bleed GARNET & BLACK! Everyone involved in my life knows this.  From late August to early December I am a definite no-go in attendance to anything taking place on Gameday at Williams Brice!

[If you aren’t familiar with what Williams Brice is, you’re missing out so here you go, thank me later for the introduction]

I may not catch every single play or know every call from the refs but I am always at the game no matter what! Aside from the University of South Carolina being my alma mater, my husband was blessed with the opportunity to play for Carolina (2008-2010) so these, of course, are enough reasons to understand why Gamecock football is near and dear to my heart.

Every gameday in the CAROLINAS or really any game requires a personal checklist.  Here are a few items i believe to be detrimental when heading to the best tailgates and to cheer on your favorite teams!

Gamday Checklist 

  1. Outfit coordination with school colors
  2. Contributions to the tailgate that you are attending – – YOU NEVER go to a tailgate empty-handed regardless of what the host says
  3. Tickets for entrance into the stadium
  4. Can I take this purse into the stadium – – here is the official link for you to check; purse items needed are your favorite lip balm, shades, compact makeup for retouches, cash money (debit cards are a headache at the stadium)
  5. Carolina Card – – if you are current or alum you can totally still use your Carolina Card for shuttle services at the Coliseum parking area
  6. Don’t forget your YETI – – by far the best cup for any occasion

This should help you prepare for your SATURDAY IN THE SEC.  If this checklist is apart of your planning, you totally will have a great day.

Gameday fit
Gameday fit

On the average gameday, I attempt to look super priss but comfortable. Yes, this is absolutely achievable! Once, I wore brand new booties to the game and my feet were screaming at the end of the day literally carrying over into the work week.  I think so far this season my favorite most comfy-fashionable fit I’ve worn is completely from Express with the exception of the necklace.  It was purchased from Boohoo.  Wearing comfortable shoes is my biggest goal so if you can find a good pair, hold on to them!


Here are my top FIVE (5) bootie looks to love for gamedays…

Notched Faux

Almond Toe

Ruched Peep Toe

Block Heel Ankle

 Pointed Toe

Another part of my Saturday in Gamecock country happens to take place in the Lettermen’s Lounge.

Entrance signage to Lettermen's Lounge
Entrance signage to Lettermen’s Lounge

Love that place. It’s so relaxing, cooling/warming (depending on the weather), and always has great food.  This is where all of the lettermen of the University go during halftime to catch up on other games happening that day or just to get a bite to eat.

SELFIES ARE LIFE at Williams Brice. Really all photos are life at this point! I literally take 100 pictures of myself and delete 99 of them. It’s sickening but we are all guilty of it. Finding that right angle and the right lighting is everything.  Bathroom lighting…not so much.

bathroom selfie
Entire outfit: Express
Entire outfit: Express

Very few understand the joy and the adrenaline rush I get when joining in with 80,000+ other people to cheer for our team!  It is the most electric feeling, no doubt.  From sandstorm, to 2001, to chanting

U-S-C, GOOOOOO COCKS ten million times, there is not one thing I would change or any other place I’d rather be!

Williams Brice
Williams Brice



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