New Year, New Who?

Happy, happy New Year to you and your loved ones! I still can’t believe that it is really 2017! The year 2016 literally flew by and yet still found the time to be pretty amazing! I mean seriously, 2016 brought about so many good times, things and memories that I am going to find it pretty hard to top. Well, I take that back….It won’t be hard to top but it just makes my expectations for 2017 that much greater!
2016 was jam-packed with blessings, lessons, memories, laughter and so on! I quickly want to reflect on one of my biggest accomplishments of 2016! I know that you probably already know what I’m going to say!  My greatest and most rewarding accomplishment in 2016 absolutely is AKCESS! To start from being only a small thought in my mind to becoming one of the projects that I am 1000% passionate for is so major for me. I remember, leading up to my launching date, not even a month ago, being so anxious! My emotions were running in every direction. It was out of control! Thankfully, I had the support system needed to say, “Kristen, JUST GO FOR IT!” Just talking about it gives me chills now! Hands down, this is one of the greatest things I’ve done!

I am welcoming 2017 with open arms!

For the past two or so years, my husband and I have brought in the new year socializing with close friends and family. Nothing changed this year! We decided to be very low key and stay in with the family. It was important to be with them as the entire family was able to receive such wonderful news recently (it’s a secret, shhhh)!

• • • • •

With this being day 1 of 2017, I want to create a new tradition for myself – – and no, you are never too old to begin tradition – – I want to actually write my new year resolutions down, and here’s the tricky part: STICK TO WHAT I WRITE DOWN! I’m sure we have all done this. We say and talk and go on and on about changing this, doing more of that, being apart of this, but we never ever stick to it. Hash: it is time for a change! Here are my resolutions!

My 2017 Resolutions
1. READ more
2. Be a better DOER
3. Consistently stick to my gym regimen
4. Be a better GIVER

I am totally committed to this list of change and can only imagine what my thoughts will be at the end of this year! I am absolutely prepared to TAKE ON 2017!


Lavish Moments Photography


 What are you taking the time to work on or improve in the new year?  Big or small, I want to encourage you to stick to it and make it happen because small changes lead to greater impact! So, in the words of Oprah Winfrey, “Cheers to a new year for us to get it right!



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