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If you know me then you know that I LOVE a good handbag. Whether it is a big tote, nice satchel, or the perfect clutch; you can’t go wrong with purchasing a new bag! Some people just can’t walk away from a good purse. Trust me, I know a few bag hoarders! I was once included in this group! It was so bad that I had the same model bag in different colors. Seriously!! The moment I realized that my bag collection had gotten a little too extensive was when I noticed that I had no closet space on the top shelf to put another bag! I took them to Platos and created a Poshmark page and sold all of the “extras”! It was mostly my seasonal bags.

Eventually, I got to the point of where I was able to narrow down which bags to keep. It was a daunting task, but I saw it like this: Every woman needs to have at least two quality bags, a black one and a brown one. Having the two allows you to always tie your outfit together, no matter the season. (They are interchangeable, that’s for sure.) I have a few color bags that are really only used in the spring and summer, because I tend to wear much darker and deeper colors in the fall and winter.

Currently, I am carrying my Tory Burch York tote.  This bag has tons of potential. (Which is one of the reasons I love it!) This bag can be used for various reasons and occasions.  For example, if you’re a college student and aren’t really in to the whole backpack look, then this sturdy bag is more than capable to hold your books, laptop, pens, etc. For moms that are over the old, baby print, clashing diaper bag look, this could be used for small day trips. For the average, working woman (ME!!) this bag holds everything needed on a day-to-day basis.  I really love the bag and the simplicity of it. It would rank as one of my favorites. However, there is one thing I do not like. I don’t like that the middle compartment of the bag (the zipper area) is not stitched to the entire lining of the purse. It can allow some items to go over to the opposite side of the purse making it a little challenging to find smaller items. But again, this is a very minor dislike.

At any given moment, these are a few items I have in my purse…

  1. Kate Spade Forest Green dual wallet
  2. Coach coin purse that can also be a card or ID holder
  3. Ray Ban black aviators, orange polar aviators, and black wayfare
  4. IPhone 7+ phone jack (the latest feature that allows you to use an AUX cord or older headphones)
  5. IPhone 7+ charger (Emergency use)
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Nivea smoothness lip care [normaly I have Mary Kay Nourishine lip gloss]
  8. OPI and top coat polish (this varies by the color that I currently have on just in case I chip a nail)
  9. AKCESS business cards (You never know who you will meet)
  10. 2017 planner
  11. LuMee case (for the perfect selfie)
  12. Sharpies (for adding in calendar functions at any given moment)

I don’t want any of you reading this to think I am saying that a woman has to have a certain brand of purse, but these are just the bags that I like!  Here is a small list of great purses that are fabulous and of quality without the high(er) price tag.

A. H&M black purse

B. H&M Reversible

I hope that this will help you when shopping for your next purse! Good luck and happy shopping!




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