Trending Topic: All White

Happy Saturday!!

So I’ve been debating on whether or not I wanted to make my outfit posts into a section of their own, but I couldn’t decide! Therefore, we will just put this post riiiighhht….HERE!

First off, thanks to all of that ladies that reached out on my social media accounts (here, here, and   here on the blog) asking questions about my outfit! It’s crazy how I used to want to keep those to myself and not share (scoffs; how selfish of me) and now I LOVE when people ask and I get the opportunity to share!

I called this my “angelic” Southern look! Maybe it’s the white dress that makes me think of being heavenly! Ha! But all white is completely in and you don’t have to have a special occasion to wear it!

My dress was purchased from Boohoo and my small, Gladiator heels were purchased at Old Navy! They are soooo comfy, by the way. My necklace is courtesy of Cristina V! The one linked isn’t an exact match, but I think it’s pretty close to what I wore. Her pieces are so amazing and unique! Beads and tassels are definitely on trend and are an easy addition to a woman’s everyday outfit. My clutch is from Borough! [head over to my IG to enter my giveaway to win one of these in any print of your choice] It’s the perfect accessory to any outfit!  It’s easy to handle and that’s a very good thing!

My makeup was done by Mrs. Kristy Q, also known as Lady K! She was great to work with and did exactly what was asked of her and that is what keeps you coming back!

Feel free to reach out to me when you want me to post about things! I truly love it and YOU!


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