S U M M E R S T Y L E.

Hello guys! It is with great sadness that this has to come to an end….SUMMER, that is! Can you believe we only have T H I R T Y T W O days left until summer is officially over? Time has definitely flown by, but I certainly feel like there are tons more of summer styles to be worn! A great example of a summer style look would be like this one that I created here!

Surprisingly enough, I already had all of these items (except the hat) for this outfit sitting right in my closet! So let’s start from the top with all of the details in case you missed my “outfit deets” on Instagram. (Which, by the way, if you aren’t following me on there you should be!)

Huge thanks to my sister, Ashley, for this cute hat! I was rambling in her closet recently and found this jewel. It’s an Old Navy fedora remake. It’s super lightweight. Here is an option for a look-a-like!

My top is from HM and it is a big hit! I get tons of compliments and inquiries on where it was purchased from. It only cost me $13!

Let me be transparent for a minute here guys. Shorts used to be my worst enemy! That is, until Old Navy made these not too tight and not too short pair of shorts. Good looking out friends at O.N!

These flats are 100 years old (figuratively speaking) because I have had them forever! I got these from J. Crew in Lenox Mall (Atlanta). They have served me well and was worth every dime I paid for them, that’s for sure!

Be sure to share some of your favorite #summerstyles with AKCESS! Totally can’t wait to see what you’ve got!



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