To Dupe or Not to Dupe?

To dupe or not to dupe? That is the question! I already know that some of you that are reading this are asking yourselves, “Why are we even talking about a dupe?”

Well, no worries! AKCESS is here to show you AND give you all the feels for a luxe look for a lesser price!

Old Navy Style

How many of us love luxury items? We all want those nice things, but never want to pay those high prices. So, I wanted to preview how you can look fabulous ON A BUDGET!

DRESS: Here I’m wearing another midi frock from Old Navy. I swiped this dress for even less than the first one I shared with you guys! I paid only $5.47 in store for this dress. It’s the exact dress but a different color and pattern!

Old Navy Style

SHOES: I’ve had these strap-tie sandals for years! This was my first pair purchased from Just Fab! I didn’t continue the membership simply because I kept forgetting to “skip this month!” That’s definitely their most annoying feature, in my opinion! These shoes are not the most comfortable shoes, but I only paid $19.99 for them! Here is a similar pair for you to shop!

Old Navy Style

DUPE: Finally, I can address what a dupe is! Dupe means to deceive and I’m totally deceiving you with this Chloe Nile purse and my brown, Double G belt! Yes, I have totally linked them both for you!

Chloe Nile Dupe

The Real

Chloe Nile

The Dupe

Amazon dupe

The Real

Gucci belt

The Dupe

Amazon dupe

To sum it all up, I accomplished this look for less than $150.00 but the retail price for the look amounts to $2194.99! That deserves a round of a applause!


I’m giving you the tools, friends! Now go out and get your dupe – – completely, 100% different from counterfeit items – – and be GLITZ, GLAM, & BOLD!


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