FALLing into your Transition

Oh my goodness! I foresee pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

I’m super excited to show you how to easily transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. I’ll provide tips + a live look to show you threefold looks! I will highlight my summer look, how to transition it for the cooler evenings, and how to complete the full fall look!

Let’s keep reading…

For some odd reason, I feel that the fall season is most of our favorite season! Am I right? There’s something about the season that’s nostalgic. * Insert deep sigh of happiness *

Anyway, this dress, of course, is a Boohoo purchase. It’s less than $27.00 and you will definitely get multiple wear out of it! For summer, I paired this with A New Day mules/slides in a rose-pink color. This makes it super casual and easy to wear anywhere.

Tip: Don’t automatically go out and purchase new items for the upcoming fall season. Evaluate what you have and see how you can make those items work.

This is where the transition becomes more evident. I paired this with my Old Navy denim jacket and my cognac mules from Entourage. This is an ‘I have entered the room, darlings!” that screams “I miss summer, however, I choose fall!”

Tip: Yes, you can add tights to those summer dresses that aren’t vibrant colors! Always remember to just  say no to open toe shoes with tights. Not cute, dolls!

The final stage of FALLing into your Transition is here! Booties and an oversized duster paired together are fall perfection. Tie the duster up for those cooler nights or leave it open to show off! Either way, you are winning!!

Tip: Layers are allowed but not too many.

Do – one scarf, dress, tights, & booties

Don’t – one scarf, dress, tights, socks, booties

This shoot was so awesome with Kristen (LMP)! I am super excited to capture more fall visions for all of you! Is there anything you want to see in particular? Let me know!



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