MAXImize your Fashion

Maxi dresses are perfect for the fall season, wouldn’t you agree?  Today’s blogged look came from SHEIN. Let’s quickly jump into these details…

I was super nervous when I decided to order from SHEIN, as this was my very first time since being a “greater” version of me. (Don’t you love the way that I did that?) Back on topic now; I decided to do a bulk order. What is a bulk order, you ask?  It is where you order multiple items in different sizes to see what works for you and fits your body the best.  Thank goodness I was able to do this financially; otherwise, it would have been a complete fail. There is no way I could have ordered what I “thought” was going to work for me, which was an extra-large.

This dress is really gorgeous on and the material is super stretchy.  This maxi dress also has pockets! Winning! Guess what size this is? XXXXL! Yes! Four entire “Xs” there.  So, that should give you an idea of what would fit you! Here’s an alternate look for you also.

The length of this dress was PERFECT for me! I love when maxi dresses cover my feet! It makes me so happy on the inside.  If you are a shorter shopper, you will have to get this dress altered. Go ahead and prepare for that now!

I hope you liked this under $20 look.  Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with sizes and such! Enjoy your day!


Images are all by Lavish Moments Photography.

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