SKIMS Review

Hey there, my loves! I’m finally sharing my official review on Kim Kardashian West’s (KKW) latest trend, SKIMS! Yes! I am a victim of buying in to her perfectly promoted solution wear! I really need to unfollow her because I cannot continue to purchase SKIMS! (Ha!)

So, to begin, here is a list of all of the items that I have purchased so far:

All of the items I have are in the color ONYX (black)! I figured I couldn’t go wrong with that color selection. The cotton ribbed undergarments are my absolute favorite! I’m a fan of the material and the sleekness of the fit. With this being my first pieces from the collection, I sized up with the undergarments but they are true to size (TTS)!

Final answer: It’s a MUST HAVE!

Next, the core control thong seemed like the perfect way to protect any unwanted bulge in the core area without creating creases on your back side. I do love that the solution wear is seamless, so this helps with protecting that visible outer line when wearing fitted outfits! YES, it’s tough to get in, as are most controlled items, but it doesn’t have that strong hold. This product currently has a waitlist also.

Final answer: It’s not needed!

Finally, the long skirt slip is a hit! It’s also seamless which is perfect for the lower thigh area. It’s almost invisible. It’s smoothes your tummy, covers any unwanted fat, and controls your shape!

Final answer: It’s a MUST HAVE!

Will I shop any other items from SKIMS…probably so! I’m very interested in her latest drop of the stretch satin collection! Stay tuned for another review if (or when…lol) I make more purchases!

Bye for now!