Friday Five

Hi there, loves! Today I wanted to share my Friday Five! This is where I’ll share five facts about myself. The purpose of this post is for you guys to get to know me a little better AND to catch these outfit details captured in these DOPE images by B. Grate

Let’s jump right in as I share 5️⃣ things about myself! 😉💕


1️⃣I’m a plant mama! 🌱 My girls are named Ladygirl + Yolo! I am not one to keep things alive so my Chinese fern and snake plant were no brainers!

2️⃣I REALLY want to be at Williams Brice Stadium tomorrow as my FAVS (Carolina Gamecocks) take on Tenn. buttttttt #COVID19 is STILL nothing to play with! 😷🏈🐔

3️⃣I currently have 28 unopened packages at my house…RIGHT NOW! Trust me, Jay has already told me to not do any more online shopping! He said he’s going to do a #giveaway to get rid of it! 🥴📦

4️⃣Some think I’m an influencer full time, but I’m not! M-Fri. I’m in mortgage ops at First Citizens! So all of the paperwork that comes with becoming a homeowner, I handle!

🏡 Tip of the day: DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB the day before your closing! [let me know if you want daily lender tips shared on my social media]

And my final fact, of course has to be about food…

5️⃣I really have a love/hate relationship with spicy food! 🌶  I love to eat it but I’m a MAJOR wimp! I sweat, my nose begins to run, and I suck up all the available air in the room to attempt to cool down 🥵

See? Wasn’t that fun!? Now, HERE are my outfit deets for you to shop! This is such a Fall season look! Switch the kicks for boots and you’re ready to go! It’s all less than $100! 😉

Love you guys + talk soon! 


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