Get Tasseled

Super thrilled to be chatting about my sister’s VERY black owned business, Get Tasseled! Before you ask, yes, we are really sisters! People just can’t get enough of her fun & affordable tassels and neither will you after this post.

These are OLIVE YOU in double bubble and surprisingly they are sooooo lightweight. Literally, you can wear something so plain and add a pair of her tassels to turn your simple look into a FIT (insert 3 snaps)! Take this dress for example.

I got this dress on a whim and it worked out perfectly! This dress was less than $30 and surprisingly fit really well. I’m wearing a size extra large. It’s versatile, too! Wear it on or off the shoulders depending on the occasion!

So, your two takeaways from today’s post:

  1. Shop with GET TASSELED! (the double bubble and twisted are my favs
  2. You can make a simple style pop with the right accessory!😉


Photograhpy provided by Photos by Faith.

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