Natural, Nature, & Love

What a title, huh!? I didn’t really know what I wanted to name this entry. I wanted it to be catchy, but I also wanted to hit multiple points. I just went with it and named it everything! So let’s get into it…

HAIR: I was so very hesitant with going natural. October of 2015 seems like only yesterday. The anxiety I felt was really quite overwhelming. So much so that I was literally like “Forget this!” and grabbed the scissors! I chopped my hair away! Fast forward to a variety of protective hairstyles, a major haircut to even it all out, some length later, and now here we are!

This was a detailed twist out that I did in a matter of two hours! (It’s such an exhausting task!) I used coconut oil, Eco styler, O’Pro leave in conditioner, and wha-la!

PHOTOS: This session took place at the State House in Columbia, SC! The flowers and the damask door frame gave me so much life! It was the perfect touch to the look. We were able to work with my girl, Kristen of LMP and she delivered as she always does! Aside from the ten thousand bees that could have possibly attacked us, these look absolutely amazing!

LOVE: I felt that I very rarely shined light on my better half. It is beyond time that I give my King his due. This was the perfect opportunity to do so! Aside from us needing some recent photos together, I wanted to let him experience the fun I have when getting photos done for AKCESS! He was a little anxious. His anxiousness later turned to annoyance; but we made it through! Kristen did an awesome job of capturing our personalities. If you know Jay, then you know he is always cracking jokes and keeping me laughing!

Ultimately, I just want to say thank you to him for believing in my passion. I appreciate him for never missing a beat, always taking care of me, and loving me with all of his strength and might! Doing life with him is a wild ride! We have highs and we have lows, but I am beyond grateful that I get to experience it all with him!

Quickly, here are our spring fling fit deets:

Dress is from Express

Sandals are Tory Burch Miller

His top and pants are Dillard’s features

Shoes are Toms

Remember, embrace your inner and outer naturalista, be one with nature, and love hard no matter what!


3 thoughts on “Natural, Nature, & Love

  1. Currently, in the process of going natural! So afraid of cutting my relaxer off! This purple is heaven on you!! You and Jay are gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t be afraid girl! Go for it! I can say this now because I’ve done it but when I did actually cut it, OMG! Terror! Lol!

      Thanks for your kind words! We adore you! XO


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