Trending Topic: Floral + Stripes

Simple equation: Floral embroidery + Stripes = a Trending Topic!

Florals are a huge hit this season. This timeless style has really made an appearance in magazines and on celebrities alike. Stripes are another classic look that never goes out of style!

Here’s one of my most recent obsessions: my Best In Show off the shoulder top! This is from one of my favorite stores, Entourage!

I’ve paired this top with classic, white, distressed denim and some super comfy, cognac loafers!

Oh, and say hello to my satchel! It’s from Entourage as well! They have so many cute items that are perfect for casual strolls through the store and everything in between day and night! Being cute and comfy is always a win win situation and Entourage has all of that! They have so many cute pieces and I can’t wait to share more with you guys!

Be sure to head over to your nearest Entourage location to add some glitz, glam, & bold pieces to your closet! Click here to find your nearest location or visit Entourage’s site linked here for your convenience!

Which team are you? Team floral? Team stripes? Team both? Pom Poms have definitely made their way back into our lives this summer too! Comment below! Excited to see your vote!


Again, [Don’t forget to follow Entourage on all platforms –>>Twitter, IG, & FB! <<–]

Thanks to Lavish Moments photography for these amazing images!

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