Purposely Driven!

Oh yes! Book number three for 2017 is officially being completed! This particular book, The Purpose Driven Life, written by the great Rick Warren required a different reading approach! At the beginning of the book he asks the reader to read only one chapter a day. This allows you to read, learn, and internalize the information to meaningfully apply it to your daily life.

So, here’s a part one review of The Purpose Driven Life and what I’ve learned from my daily readings!

I was drawn to day six or chapter six (whichever is preferred). It’s entitled “Life is a Temporary Assignment!” This was a very eye opening and motivating portion of the book! Strangely enough, in my previous book review chapter six was my favorite too! Maybe that’s my new lucky number, who knows?

Per the usual, I never want to ruin anything for those that are interested in purchasing the book, but I totally make it my business to share my takeaways from it.

1. Life is extremely brief and it is only a temporary residence.

2. The more God gives to me, the more responsible he expects me to be. It’s like that saying, “To whom much is given, much is required.”

3. It is not about me – – focusing on just myself will never reveal my life’s true purpose.

4. Obedience unlocks understanding.

5. Genuine friendships are built on disclosure, but bitterness is the greatest barrier to friendship.

I am absolutely thrilled that I have been able to commit to something that is making me a better person to others, meanwhile nurturing my spiritual journey! It takes 40 days to make something a habit and I’m more than positive this is why Rick Warren asked his readers to read once a day over a forty day span. Be open to change, be open to learning, and lastly be open to improving yourself!


4 thoughts on “Purposely Driven!

  1. Sounds like a great read, send it my way since you’re done! I love the quote about responsibility in your second takeaway.


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