Sweet Lemonade

Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen!! Remember that moment when Beyoncé’s granny (in-law) says, “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade!”? Well, that is EXACTLY what I attempted to create in this shoot with the lovely Courtney S. of Serenity photography based out of Greenwood, S.C.! This outfit symbolizes fun times even when you aren’t having the best of days. The weather was set at “Spring is HERE” degrees fahrenheit with a chance of too much sunshine, which ended up being perfect for an attitude boost! Now let’s get into these outfit details guys….

This top is a simple Hennes & Mauritz top that was purchased for under $10. My perfect lemon skirt was surprisingly found on Amazon a year ago and I specifically remember this being $22! (Side note: THANK GOODNESS FOR AMAZON PRIME!) The sandal heels were purchased from Express. It’s pretty safe to say this adorable spring fling came together for under $50 total. Now that is my kind of shopping!





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