Trending Topic: Denim

Summer in  South Carolina is usually unbearable! The heat literally hits you in the face like BOOM & makes you want to go back in the house and reevaluate your entire life!

Denim can be considered a “heavy material” item but, YES ladies, you CAN wear denim in the Summer and not faint! Promise!

Here I’m going to provide you with three (3) easy ways to incorporate denim in your summer wardrobe without dying!

1. Tie around your waist

Tying a light weight denim top around your waist has always been a trend and it’s a super easy way to incorporate it into your comfy summer look.

2. Midi Length Jacket

Instead of wearing that full length jacket, pull out your midi and hit the city! Add a touch of the South by adding pins & other clothing decor to stand out! [My pins were purchased from Cannonborough Collective and the Town Serif both based out of Charleston]

3. Full Length Jacket
You can totally rock the full denim jacket without being overwhelmed by the heat. Wear it on your shoulders! It’s so chic, so trendy, and now it’s SO YOU!

Don’t be afraid to wear your denim pieces (aside from jeans) this Summer! Trust me, you won’t melt!

Big hugs to Alex Rusnak for this breathtaking mural located at/on the Cannon parking garage in Downtown Columbia! It reads “Dum Spiro Spero” which means “While I breathe, I hope!” Simply beautiful.


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