Get #LIVted

Ok ladies, let’s get into this hair!! I’ve gotten so many compliments and questions about my latest “do!” So what better way to introduce my hairstylist AND friend (Yes, I am blessed to have 2 in 1!), Cenovie!

Cenovie Olivia

Would you believe I met Cenovie (referred to as Nov) on social media? I was looking to find a stylist that covered my BIG THREE deal breakers. Those are:
1. Professionalism

2. Promptness

3. Producing fabulous results

Safe to say, she covered all of the bases!

I want you all to have the chance to get to know this gorgeous woman, so here’s a brief Q&A session I had with Nov!

K: What attracted you to the hair slaying business?

N: I’ve always loved hair! But to be quite honest, a boy is what lead me to pursing hair. How? My first boyfriend in high school had braids. I was determined to learn how to braid so that I could do his hair. That blossomed into doing weaves because, of course, braids are key to a successful installation. (Thanks to my older sister!) After learning more, I then began doing my own relaxers, hair wraps, and other braided styles. Here we are fourteen years later!

[This is my current foundation.]

K: How or what experience influenced you to create your brand and hashtag, #LIVted

N: #LIVted pronounced “lifted” came from a few things. First, my middle name, which is Olivia and secondly, the emotion I want my clients to feel. I want every women to feel #LIVted after every hair appointment. The salon is a therapeutic area and most times I’m on the receiving end versus my client!

[#LIVted hair salon]

K:What’s your favorite hairstyle to do for your clientele?

N: My favorite style to do definitely would be the infamous curls! In my past life, I totally lived in Texas because I LOVE BIG CURLS and lots of them! There is nothing that compares to a head full of bouncy ringlets!

K:How would you handle a dissatisfied customer?

N: Tough question! Everyone loves me! But should a client be dissatisfied with the service, I would want to know what in particular they didn’t like and once that’s figured out, I’d offer to redo the service and/or issue a refund. I try to be as thorough before the beginning of any service to ensure that my client has effectively translated their vision for their hair to me. I always make sure that I understand what they want to achieve before I begin the service.

K:What’s the best way to book an appointment with you?

N: The best way to book an appointment with me is online through Styleseat! My site shows my availability and I’m officially BOOKED UNTIL DECEMBER 2017!

(Due to cancellations, spots will become open! I announce these openings on my Instastories!)

Isn’t she a doll? Let’s not forget to mention the fact that she has launched her own hair collection! Yes! LIVted Hair Collection is on the market and it gives me so much life!

[ Hair details: LIVted Hair Collection Brazilian Body-wave in 14/16 inch bundles with a 14 inch closure; Ombré from natural brown to multiple cool honey blonde tones ]

I want to thank you all for our sweet words on my style. I hope that this helps you in making your next decision of “who’s going to do my hair?” Get it together and GET #LIVted!



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