F is for…Finding Fab Fashion (in your closet)

What was I thinking? I know that I stated previously in Summer Style that I would miss the warm weather. Boy, was I wrong! Fall is the new summer!

F is for Fall Fashion
I am digging fall and all the feels. Digging it so much that I find myself thrilled to wear my fall favorites; hunter green, deep wines, mustard yellow, and nudes galore! Here’s a fit that I threw together based on my favorite color palette for the season.

Fab Fall Look
I literally found all of these pieces in my closet. Nothing worn was purchased within the past two months. Isn’t that awesome to mix and match pieces you already have to create a new look every time? It’s so fun creating new looks. Let’s jump into the details!

Fall hats
This hat is from Target and it’s about two seasons old now. I actually saw this same hat in Goodwill located in Greenwood, SC. HERE are similar looks for you just in case you can’t find this exact one.

My beloved Ainifeel purse. You’re probably thinking, “what in the world is that?” Well, I am glad you asked. This is a brand that is sold on Amazon. I absolutely adore these super cute, super chic, and super affordable bags. I am hoping to purchase the 40″ version soon. They come with fashion scarves, which is a definite plus.

Well, hello there, sunshine! This midi, swing dress is from Boohoo and the boots are simple ankle booties from Old Navy in olive green. Yes, you can put different shades of green together as long there’s enough space between the two. Let me clarify; you do not want to have an olive green shirt with hunter green pants because these colors are then considered side by side. That would not be monochromatic. My purse is not beside or close to my booties. I am allowing space and creating color schemes from head to toe. It’s an art, if I do say so myself.

I hope that you enjoyed my fall looks and my mini spill on how to wear different shades of the same colors this season. Let’s not take any credit away from this amazing mural behind me courtesy of Chad Brady. I mean, how could I resist?


Photos provided by Ashley Coleman

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