Catch up Session: New Year Edition

I know, I know….I have been pretty much M.I.A since my HolidaySZN post in mid-December. So, for those that care as much as I do, I am very sorry and I will not allow it to happen again!

Now, without further ado…

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R to you, beautiful!

Let’s begin the year 2018 off on the right foot by sitting down and catching up on what’s been going on with AKCESS!

Happy New Year XO, The Spearmans

To begin with, is it not an amazing blessing to be walking into this new year of 2018 with a renewed purpose and a fresh start? As all social media posts say, we are supposed to leave the old things in the past and greet new things like the latest trends of mules with fur, tulle tops, and logo t-shirts. But, I digress.

I want to be sure that we are able to catch up due to me being pretty quiet while wrapping up 2017 and preparing for 2018. First on my list, I wanted to share my latest purchases! And if I do say so myself, these would make an amazing flatlay! I just need some much better lighting than I have available right now! (Ha!).

Latest Purchases

Womens Rebe Backless Loafers from Target – these are just a hot trend and a great compromise when you aren’t interested in spending hundreds on the Gucci originals (Princetown Leather slippers) The perfect Real vs. Steal example.


Tarte Lip Paint– Literally, this is my FAVORITE! I was able to get this sample size for my birthday from Sephora and I knew then that I absolutely had to order more colors. If you are into the matte look, this is absolutely a brand that you want to try out.


Also pictured is a Milk Makeup Blur stick (helps my foundation from separating on my laugh lines) and Sephora’s Volume mascara in Marsala.

Marble Planner – THIS! I mean, who isn’t into the marble look? I decided while in Atlanta recently, I needed to get my hands on a planner for the new year. I found this one in TJ MAXX for $7.99! Target and Michaels have similar planners just in case you can’t get your hands on this particular one. Last year I was all for the extra tabs, stickers, and colorful markers; but this year I want to focus on the actual content that I am writing. I want to be more accountable for how I spend my time, as this is something that I cannot get back!


Sweater dress from Express – BY FAR my favorite, most comfy, and length appropriate sweater dress I have ever owned. I haven’t worn it yet so hang tight! I was a fan of the simplicity as well as the price! I racked up tons of rewards during December as an A-Lister.Be sure to join me in the NEXT program so that you can score rewards too.

Another big thing that has happened for the Spearman’s is….WE HAVE A DINING ROOM TABLE! Ha!! Who knew that decorating a home takes so long? Slowly but surely we are getting there. We moved in August of last year if that says anything. Nonetheless, I am so thrilled to not have to use our standing trays anymore!

In addition to these items mentioned, I do sort of have some major news to share with you all! Are you ready? No? Ok, I will wait to share the news a little later. No worries! You won’t be out of the loop for too much longer! To those that reached out, this is not a personal announcement.  This is 100% in reference to AKCESS!  

I know this wasn’t a typical “New Year resolution” sort of thing, but I honestly didn’t want to go that route. I just wanted to simply take a moment, catch up, and keep it real. Yes, I have huge plans for the year 2018 and I hope that you are along for the fun and productive ride! Be sure to head to my home page and subscribe so that you do not miss anything!



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