Friends! We are talking about all things in the office today.  I have been residing here for at least 3 years and I never wanted to decorate. It’s just not my strong suite. I have framed photos sitting against the walls where it should be hung, but I just never hung it.  But recently, since … Continue reading AKCESS MY OFFICE


Let’s talk BRANDING today, ladies and gentlemen! How many of you reading this right now are confident in your brand’s image? Be completely honest! I will assume that 50% of you are absolutely in love with your current brand style and the remaining 50% of you are panicking right now because you have ZERO images … Continue reading AKCESS TO YOUR NEXT BRANDING SESSION

Meet the Owner of Jessamine + James Clothing Co.

As promised, before I share a new #JJONME look, I wanted to be sure to introduce you to not only the brand and the fabulous pieces that are offered, but I wanted to allow you the opportunity to meet the creator, THE Diana Pou.  She has poured her heart and soul into this project and … Continue reading Meet the Owner of Jessamine + James Clothing Co.

Class in Session : #ColaFashionWeek 101

Three post in less than one week? I know, I know...this is not typical of me, but it’s the 7th Annual Columbia Fashion Week! The occasion is absolutely worth breaking routine! I am so excited to share my experiences with you now so that you can still have time to attend an event this week … Continue reading Class in Session : #ColaFashionWeek 101

PRESSED for #ColaFashionWeek

YASSSSSSS, Columbia! Come through with the 7th Annual Columbia Fashion Week events! Night one was so much fun! I am being completely honest with you on this. Columbia Fashion Week may seem much smaller in comparison to surrounding cities/states such as Charlotte or Charleston but HUH-NEY, when I tell you we came to slay, you … Continue reading PRESSED for #ColaFashionWeek