Rainbow Row

Weekends in Charleston are my favorites. The city brings new light to my day, my thoughts, and my fashion!

When I confirmed that I would be going to Charleston, I immediately reached out to Jennifer Collins, one of my favorite photographers! Working with her is always a blast!

Keep reading to see my Rainbow Row street style!I’ve always wanted to capture moments on Rainbow Row! There’s something about that area that’s magical to me. The environment throws happiness into your lap. You have no choice but to be filled with joy and Jennifer definitely captured that!

This off the shoulder, bell-sleeved top was purchased from Rainbow! Yes, you’ve read that correctly. This is a perfect example that shows that all fashion doesn’t have to be super expensive! This top is $16.99! Budget friendly and oh so cute. A major plus is that this top actually stays “off the shoulder.” There’s no constant pulling and tugging which is a huge plus in my book!

My denim is from Old Navy line of Rockstar! These are slightly destroyed denim, so you can actually wear these to work if you needed to for a casual Friday or an after hours work social.

Now, my favorite piece of this look are my espadrilles! These are on trend for the spring and summer seasons! These comfy and budget-friendly shoes are from Amazon! When I purchased these they were only $26.99, but currently they are listed for $63.99!

Hope you loved this Rainbow look! I can’t wait to get back to Charleston for more thrilling shoots!


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