Whimsical Feels

Did you miss me, guys? It feels like forever since I last posted, but I never want to bog you down with too much in one month. However, I had to pop in and share my WHIMSICAL look that I created on a super, low budget! You have to admit, this is a pretty magical look!

Let’s keep reading to find out all of the fabulous details on this look.


Can we first agree on the fact that this look is just too precious! I felt like a self-proclaimed princess in this lengthy skirt! All I needed was a crown and the look would be complete! I want to give you details from the bottom to the top.


My perfect heeled shoes are from Target. These are the most comfortable, chic shoe that I own. It is not at all “too tall”, but these are not kitten heel “short” either. I must confess that I am guilty of having this shoe in four different colors! Check out my future Instagram story for all of the shoes! Be sure to follow me there at AKCESSME! These pretty dolls were $24.99 and I got them on a BOGO offer!


My favorite piece to this look is, of course, my accordion skirt! This soft pink, maxi beauty was NOT purchased at any retailer as of recently! This skirt was something that I found in my Nanny’s closet. She has a clothing rack that holds some of her clothes and it screamed “diva style”, so I decided to take a peek at her pieces. This skirt was perfect! It still had the tags on it. She willingly gave it to me and I was so excited! It was the perfect fit for me and my photographer, Kristen Gordon, captured it perfectly. Here and here are similar skirts like what I am wearing in case you have fallen in love as I did.


There isn’t much to say about my denim top because I wear it pretty often. I got this classic denim top from, (You guessed it right!) EXPRESS! Here, here, and here are some less expensive versions of this top!

This necklace is something that I have had for years and it is timeless. It will forever be whimsical on trend. I got this from J. Crew and it was on super clearance because it rang up for $00.79! The fashion God was on my side that day! Per the usual, I am providing you a close match option here and here.


I hope that you loved this look as much as I did! Don’t judge me if you see me wearing this over and over again! I will switch the tops and shoes. Ha!

Have a WHIMSICAL day, my loves!


Photos by: Lavish Moments Photography

Hair install by: Nov (#LIVtedhaircollection)

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