I know, I know guys! You’ve been waiting and wanting a holiday gift guide or really just anything Christmas centered at this point, right? Well, each blogger has a different approach and mine is to share fun, affordable, chic fashion with you all no matter the season! STRIKE! Today is all about being non traditional during the holiday season and how to execute properly without breaking the bank!

This all black, athleisure look was purchased from Boohoo and of course it was 50% off. This isn’t an ideal holiday look, however, you can totally wear this to a holiday happy hour, gathering, or work Christmas party! Yes, you can!

Let’s break the barriers down and embrace the idea of not always wearing our typical reds, greens, and golds! Be bold and unique by rocking what compliments your personal style and not what you think others want you to wear! Surprisingly, YES, this is still an issue in the world!

As a bonus, you can pair the top with a pair of denim or switch the top with a solid color (orange, yellow, or black)! Three looks from one outfit…YES, please!

Be bold and follow your style instincts or shoot me an email from my “styling” tab and I’ll help you figure it all out!!


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